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  1. wow!... the both of you make me want to give all of my braiding supplies/stuff away... great looking braclet there... eric
  2. very cool job. i especially love the wood for the handle, and the use of a frame to add depth for the knife in the sheath. take care. eric
  3. actually, i saw that tandy had that in their catalog (in a set) until either the 1957 or '58 issue. eric
  4. another source for plastic or thin metal are the no parking/beware of dog/etc signs, you can get them at any hardware store, or even target/walmart. eric
  5. your stuff is always inspiring and very very cool, thank you for your site over the lasy few years... take care... have a great new year... eric
  6. kevin, like most (well, all) of the stuff you post, i like what what you did with the finish... it looks absolutely great.... one question though (as always,hehehe...) did you line it with fabric? and if 'yes', did you have the fabric made/printed up? or did you do it yourself? take care, hope you hade a great x-mas, and have a happy new year! eric
  7. mugwump

    Goods Japan

    thank you for the suggestion of this 'shop' ... i think i'm in love with a few of the products.... i guess i better put an order together to see if the romance will last.... again, thank you for the kink...i mean link..... eric
  8. welcome... it's nice to see some new blood..... even if you are from kansas.... hehehe... just kidding ... all i can say, is that if you are starting out, this site will become one of your best friends... and if you get 'stuck' on something, there's always someone here who can help you out of the jam with atleast some suggested method or help... btw... since you said you were 'new' to working with leather, the tutorial section is great... so........ pull up a chair, and dig in... ... good luck... eric
  9. that looks great and very well constructed, beautiful, and unique!!!... are you going to clear-coat it? or leave it 'in the raw' to patina? also... ...i used to to have copper acoustic and bass strings, they would sound fantastic (when fresh/new-very loud, clear and 'piano-like'), but had an issue with them causing my fingertips to blacken where they came in contact, and both the string and hands started smelling like you've been holding a handful or two of pennies in your hand throughout the summer... that wouldn't wash out/off immediately... so... two roundabout questions, does this have any issues like that? and second, did you make it for personal use, or are you planning on offering them up for sale? take care, happy carving.... eric
  10. in theory, it would be blue... but i doubt that it would work the same way... and i believe, if i remember correctly, it would be at a min. toxic or cause rashes with prolonged contact with the skin.. and destroy the leather... eric
  11. very cool looking strap... i truly love the stitching detail. congrats on the the build... take care... eric
  12. wow! looks like a really clean job... i cant tell from here (i think my monitor is on it's last legs...) is the stitching blue? or black? either way it looks really cool.. eric p.s. is the main strap detachable from the cuff/pad section or is more like a 'bund' band? just curious...
  13. thank you for the chart. i recently saw a lot of the non-standard colors in-person (without samples) and was concerned about buying some of the colors without seeing prior 'real-world' samples... so... eric
  14. love the blue, and the belt turned out great also! congrats... btw, is the blue an acrylic, or dye with a gloss sealer? eric
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