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  1. thanx guys! It is 4/5 oz distressed chap leather out of cowhide. I liked the buckstitch as well. First attempt at that. yhanx again
  2. This is a Tandy purse that I only made this way cause I messed up on my tooling on the included piece of leather but am happy with what it turned out to be. Travis
  3. thank you so much!!!! That will work great! Travis
  4. I have built a few pack saddles in the past and want to build one for the upcoming season, but I need to find plans somewhere if anyone knows. I am building sawbuck style. I thought about buying one but what is the fun in that? Any help would be great. Travis
  5. I have these tools I would like to see go to someone who will use them. I would like 30.00 shipped for the lot. These are brand new tools number: x-501 m-885 n-309 a-889 514 These are the used tools but are in great shape: d-438 x-501 x-534 thank you for looking. Travis
  6. thanx for all the welcomes. I will be in Sheridan for the show in may. maybe we will see each other. Travis
  7. very nice. I really like the design. Travis
  8. I really toiled on the doublestitch, being it was my first project with it, but I like how it turned out. I built it for my wife as a present. Travis
  9. welcome to the site

  10. Welcome aboard Travis!

  11. Hello all, I am Travis Clayton, I reside in billings Montana. I am from Sheridan Wyoming and moved up here about ten years ago. I am currently getting back into leather tooling and am very interested in anything I can learn. My Dad used to build saddles and spent alot of time learning from the late Jon King and I think kinda burned out on it. I can't wait to indulge this great sight. Travis
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