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  1. Does anyone know where (if ?) I can get needles to fit an Allbrook & Hashfield fur sewing machine ? We are seeing so many Irvin & B3 jackets coming in to us now where the thread is rotted out we are going to have to start offering a re-stitch service.
  2. Here you go... Singer patcher table.vsd Brace.pdf Visio-Leg.pdf
  3. Does anyone know where (if ?) I can get needles to fit an Allbrook & Hashfield fur sewing machine ? We are seeing so many Irvin & B3 jackets coming in to us now where the thread is rotted out we are going to have to start offering a re-stitch service.
  4. I can certainly have a go. Which particular measurements do you need ? Do you have access to an (oldish) copy of Visio ?
  5. Does anyone have or have access to a manual or instruction book for an Allbrook & Hashfield machine ?
  6. For various complicated reasons we are ceasing to do boot work and so we will be selling our Singer 29K60 machine. This is a long arm treadle model with the "splittable" arm ( there are similar machine out there with a one-piece arm which are virtually impossible to service). It has been drilled to accept a motor at some stage but we have used it as a treadle machine for the last 12 years or so. We are open to reasonable offers or would swap for a Singer 46K49 / Allbrook & Hashfield / Techsew 402 or similar. Posting here before posting anywhere else. This is a very nice, working machine. The table hardware is included but will need a new top making as it is for a short arm machine. By all means contact us for further information.
  7. We used a pigment / sealant mix (which we actually had formulated for Irvin work). I have seen dyed-through "restorations" and do not personally like the result.
  8. We have a Highlead GA06881 surplus to requirements in North Herts UK. It has been used regualrly but lightly and maintained regularly to a high standard. Comes with motor & table &c. Sews exceptionaly well and with 2 drive pulleys can be set up for slow or fast speed ranges. By all means contact us to arrange to inspect it for yourself. Will need 2 people to move it - it is no lightweight. PM me for further details if you are interested in seeing it or to get a link to our Dropbox directory to see pictures (which are a bit big to upload). The sheet below is the original sales flyer. Offers in the region of £1600.
  9. Yup, that is the one. The lower tool has "LR" or something like it stamped in to it. I have it for exactly the same reason you do, although if I can find tooling for it I can find work for it :-)
  10. Does anyone recognize this little setting press ? I picked it up at the week end and strangely there are No markings on it at all. It would be nice to know if tooling is still available... It is quite a nicely made bit of kit. http://www.bysonleather.co.uk/Odds & Sods.htm
  11. Hi folks. Not been about for a while & here I come after help. :-) One of our customers has picked up a pair of WW2 British despatch Rider boots. The leather is in surprisingly good condition but as you can imagine the stitching is rotted. We have put them together for display purposes but the client would like to wear them. Anyone able / know of someone able to take these apart and re-build them ? In the UK or close ? Boots are similar to these: http://www.militarytrader.co.uk/forums/showthread.php?t=6581
  12. I just had an inquiry for a cartridge bag. Not the kind that hang from a strap over the shoulder, but a prospective customer wanting a couple of belt mounted bags made. We don't have the time to make stuff but is there anyone out there (preferably UK based) who might be interested ? He is phoning around but if he comes up dry he will get back to me. We are talking about a 30 round capacity, 12 gauge.
  13. Usually I post stuff here about stuff we DON'T do. :-) Just for once, here is an example of our more mainstream work, albeit an extreme one. Subject is a 1943 pattern USAAF B3 jacket (by Werber ?) rescued from a pet bed. It was in such poor condition we could not simply repair it so we tried something a bit more radical. We have not attempted to fake the restoration. The buckles are "wrong" but VERY similar to those used on wartime British (Irvin) flying jackets. The straps are cut to match from English saddle hide and we didn't try to get the "right" colour. Patches are from wartime sheerling. Zip is a NOS early1940's Conmar.The surface has been stabilized using a custom mixed modern preparation. We aimed for a "seal brown". It is close enough to the original to look good, but it is still clear which panels have and have not been restored. I guess the effewct we were trying to get was a radical "in theatre" repair. I hope it doesn't upset any purists out there. The alternative was back to the pet bed. More detail at http://www.bysonleat.../B3 project.htm
  14. Some of you may know that we are repair & alteration specialists, and don't actually MAKE stuff. So here is another one of those things we don't make. Gwen managed to put it together for my birthday without me seeing it. The jacket, not the hat :-)
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