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  1. Hey all, my father in law had a hide tucked away in his garage (for what reason I have no idea) Anyways, he gave it to me told me to make a pair of chinks or something. I took the hide home and when I looked it over I started to second guess if the leather was heavy enough to make chink chaps out of. The leather is probably 2-3oz. Now I wonder if its a good idea to double the leather up to make the chaps. Has anyone every done this?
  2. Thanks to you all for your replies! As it turned out he asked me to make 2 bronc halters instead. Nonethless it was a good chance to learn something and for that I am greatful. I wish I would have found this forum 10yrs ago. It is great, and it has renewed my interest in leather working......Thanks to you all. Keep yer stick on the ice, Trevor
  3. First off: B-E-A-U tiful! I can only hope to one day do work like that! I have been lurking around here trying to pick up on what I can. Call it researching....kinda.....however I have one question now: What doe 8 button seat mean? I have never built a saddle just tinkered with leather with a dream to one day build one. Sorry to hi-jack your thread.
  4. Hey fellas, I have a good friend that is hosting a team roping. It his first event and unfortunately I am un able to make it due to prior comittments (the things ya have to do to stay married) Anyways I thought I would donate a breat collar as a prize in my absence since they would have gotten a donation from me in the form of an entry fee). My delima is which to make? A roper breast collar or a tripping breast collar? I like the idea of having more area on a tripping collar to be creative (to be donated as a trophy) I love the look of a Tripping breast collar but to tell you the truth I dont know if there is any performance draw backs to a tripping breast collar. Your opinion fellas?
  5. Thanks a bunch guys, I will be sure to look into that!
  6. Thanks, sure am glad I stumbled across it!

  7. I am building a pair of shot gun chaps and I would like to find a "sheridan style" pattern for the top yoke. Does anybody know where I can find something? Thanks, Trevor
  8. Thanks, I do appreciate all input. I have decided that I will be ordering this "kit" I am thinking that it will be a great oportunity to learn a little about saddle construction. Unfortunately I can see that it will probably be a slow process, I doubt I will have much time for it untill winter. Regardless I am sure I will be checking in from time to time to ask a few questions and keep you up to date on my progress....thanks again folks! Trevor
  9. welcome to the site

  10. Hey all I am new to the forum, and relatively new to leather work. I have some experience making belts, wallets, bridles, breastcollars and chaps. It has been a few years since I worked with leather but recently have taken an intrest in saddles. My question is: Has anyone here had any dealing with JJ Maxwell and their saddle kit? What is the quality of the materials like?
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