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  1. Nooj

    Couple of belts

    I will say- the problems with my machines is most likely operator error. I’ve had the aerostitch for a long time, but haven’t used it in over a decade. I pulled it outta storage, hooked it up, and it ran like a champ through the black belt. It’s a tough, simple machine. Like most of my hobbies, if I had to do this for a living, I’d starve to death. But I love piddling in the garage with em. It’s my favorite room of the house. Nooj
  2. Nooj

    Couple of belts

    I appreciate the positive complements. I’m not sure what leather I used… I mean, it’s veg tan, but probably the cheapest stuff Tandy had. I’ve had it for years. The dye is Fiebing mahogany, and Fiebing pro oil black. Both had a nice coat of neatsfoot oil, and finished with a couple coats of resolene. It’s a 8-9oz front, 5-6oz liner. The mahogany I sewed on a Consew 206rb with some brown 138; the black I did on the Tippmann aerostitch with 277 polyester. I did a third one after these, in dark brown. The aerostitch gave me hell with the 346 thread I just picked up at Tandy. I dunno what the deal was, but I ended up cutting it loose and hand saddle stitching with some waxed braided cord. This hobby fights me every step of the way! I’m reminded of a quote “Everything happens for a reason. Sometimes the reason is you’re stupid and make bad decisions.” Nooj
  3. Nooj

    Couple of belts

    Thank you, you’re a Saint.
  4. Nooj

    Couple of belts

    Funny, when I visit this post it shows up as a pic now.
  5. Nooj

    Couple of belts

    Ok… I dunno how to get my stinking iPhone pics down to the proper size. I saved it as a file, then re-saved it as a photo, and it was under the limit, but wouldn’t let me upload. So, I uploaded it as a file. I realize nobody wants to download something to just look at it… Anyways, there’sa black belt and a mahogany one. They’re ok, but not great. Thanks for trying to look!
  6. Nooj

    Couple of belts

    These are far from perfect, but I spent enough time on them that any decent craftsman could’ve made a show saddle… I’m worse at this than I remember! Luckily I have a regular job, or else I’d starve to death, as long as my projects take me for mediocre results. A black un, and a mahogany un.
  7. Most things that I've made still belong to me. The few holsters, sheaths, etc. I've made for others, I guarantee them for life. But, since I'm just a hobbyist and all my customers are close friends or family, it's not that big of a deal. If you're selling a ton of holsters, perhaps Steven Kelley's advice would be better. If they've taken reasonable care of the holster it should be fairly obvious. If you get one back that got lost in the yard and hit with a bushhog, and they ask for a replacement, well... Perhaps there should be a 'negligent abuse' or 'reasonable care' clause in the warranty. Nooj
  8. Oh- I was mistaken about OTB... I thought they requried a tax ID or something. Thank you for that information! I believe my belt is 8/9 oz and a 4/5oz liner. The liner runs the full length, but is not in the fold where the buckle attaches (at the center bar). I may try it your way and see how it works for me. Also, I need a good oblong punch for the holes; That may also help it lay flatter across the buckle. So far, I used a round punch or drilled them, and tried to elongate them a bit. Thanks for the reply! Nooj
  9. Nooj


    That is a beautiful holster. Excellent work!
  10. Thanks for the reply, Busted. The leather I'm using isn't abnormally thick- about 5/16" overall. Which, for a gun belt, isn't uncommon. I do understand that's a halter buckle; But I would like to find something similar in a larger size to use for belts and larger dog collars. The center bar buckles I've used from tandy are curved... but the wrong direction (the outside bars are almost closer to the wearer than the center bar, which accentuates the bulge). I really haven't seen anything much different from any other supplier either. OTB does have a lot of neat things though- I'd love to be able to order from them, but I'm not a business... this is just a hobby for me. Thanks, Nooj
  11. I've been searching for a center bar or double bar buckle that is either curved, or has the center bar set a little further back (toward the wearer) than the end bars. I can't seem to find them in any larger sizes- 1-1/2" in particular. The reason being- when running a 5/16" thick belt through a center bar buckle where all the 'bars' are somewhat in line, it creates a big ol fat bulge in front of the buckle. Also, it's a little more tricky to work a stiff belt strap through. Does anyone have an idea of where I could find one?? In case I haven't done a good job of describing what I'm looking for- look at the center bar buckle at the top of THIS LINK . Note the "curved" shape, which would relieve some of the bulge when using a thick belt. I haven't been able to find any like this in the larger size.... Thanks for looking- I hope somebody can help me out! Nooj
  12. Ha! That's a new niche market I haven't seen before. Pretty cool; although, like Sixer- my firearm handling mentality would make me feel wierd about pointing it at my head. Hmmm... maybe I'll make my ol' lady a holster for hers for Valentine's day ;-) Nooj
  13. They did take quite a while to get my entire order shipped to me. If you're in no hurry for your parts, or order far ahead of when you expect to need them, then it wouldn't be an issue. They are excellent quality though, I must say. I hope they work out their issues and continue making good quality fasteners. The fact that they're made in the USA is another reason I will use them (or their products, anyways- perhaps from a reseller). I'd rather wait five weeks for an order made right here in GA, than only five days for parts shipped from China. Nooj
  14. If you haven't wet formed it (if you're going to wet form it), then that might be a good time to smooth them out. I tend to do that too :-/ I also make a few fingernail marks when using my fingers to form. I haven't had any problems smoothing them out though. Good luck, Nooj
  15. Hey- cool jig! I bet it makes short work of the forming part. What thickness kydex are you using, and how sturdy is it? Thanks for sharing the pics. Nooj
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