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    I enjoy DIY and have always admired leatherwork, now as I get older leather has begun to stir my juices and would like to improve my skills at working with it.

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    General stuff very amateur
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    Learning as many tricks of the trade
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    came up in a google search

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  1. Eewheh

    Veg Tanned Leather

    Hi Eben, Good to hear about you, can you give us a little more info as to where you are and what you sell. I have been looking for a good tannery to buy leather from for sometime now. Many thanks Andy
  2. Thanks ClayB i will give her a shout and maybe she has some good ideas. Would prefer to get a shop nearby (Cape Town is about a 1000 miles from where I live in SA) as I prefer to select my leather, rather than rely on what you get from mail order. Andy
  3. Hi Doc, its me again, amazing what you can see if you look. I was looking at your stats and since it was my b'day today, please accept my rather belated best wishes for your birthday on the 3rd March, may you have many more!

  4. I must apologise for what you probably consider me ignoring you..you are right, and my excuse is a rather lame...did not know my way around the site. Despite that, many thanks for your welcome, and I am very happy to be here. There is so much crap on the internet and a refreshing change to find such nice people on a great site. Again my apologies

  5. Happy Birthday, in fact we are twin. Hope you have a wonderful day

  6. Anyone got a good supplier for veg tanned leather, in fact any leather, in SA, Botswana, Namibia or Zimbabwe, cow or Kudu. Any help/ideas would be appreciated. Thanks Andy
  7. Gritty Cowgirl, We have a very colourful selection of names in Africa I have seen Red Lechwe, Blue Wildebeest (Gnu), Black and White Rhino, Yellow Mongooses, Brown Hyena, Green Mamba (snake), even a Chequered Elephant Shrew and on the odd occasion a "Pink Elephant" , but a Lime Green Zebra? You got me on that one. You find one of those, a photo would make my day
  8. Thanks for the welcome Denise, and it is nice to be here, so much good advice and friendly folks....never going to get any work done will I? I will most certainly keep my eyes peeled for leatherwork from African countries I visit. Damn...now where did I put my camera?...oh ho... just thought of another project...camera case. Right, once I have found my camera I will do the necessary. Am off in a weeks time for 6 weeks so hopefully I will have something interesting to show when I get back.
  9. Hello all, been browsing around here for close on a year and am humbled (maybe intimidated) by the work you guys do. I am from Africa, a sort of self taught very amateur wannabe leatherworker. This is a wonderful site and I have spent hours looking around a have learned so much already. Folks are all pretty friendly too which is very nice. I travel a lot so not as regular as I would like, my interests are making whatever I need or think up. Usually something practical, do repairs for friends, so not a pro. Also like to make the odd presents as I am not good at shopping (except maybe in Hardware stores or Tandys). Been dabbling in leatherwork on and off for several years now, but as I get older would like to spend a lot more learning the craft of leatherwork. After browsing around here for a while, my interest has doubled and I now have so many ideas from you all, probably have to live to a hundred to do half of what I have in mind. Great place to be, I think I am going to enjoy being here. You certainly have all been an inspiration! Thank you all Andy
  10. welcome to the site

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