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  1. I have a Tandy 32418-00 Imprinting Machine with a lot of attachments. Before I put it on Ebay, I would like to offer it up here. What would be a fair price?
  2. **** SOLD****** Thank you all for your interest.
  3. SOLD!!! Thank You!!
  4. Brand new still in box Tandy Pro Embossing Machine. Includes 1 roll. $450.00 plus freight. Thank you
  5. OldWest

    USM Model B clicker

    Works great, comes with 220 phase converter. $2500.00
  6. OldWest

    USM Model B

    Works great, comes with 220 phase converter. $2500.00
  7. I have 257 OLD Midas stamping tools. All are in new shape (with the exception of a little dust) I really would like to sell them together. $10.00 each.
  8. welcome to the site

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