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  1. Hi Guys, I haven't braided for a few months and have a few projects to get caught up on, I was wondering if anyone has found a good supplier for nice big clean rawhide hide, I have made my own in the past and bought from bill, but am stretched for time and need to spend more time braiding than fleshing. Thanks, Ben
  2. I have actually had alot more sucess with the wooden strap cutter from tandy than or an aussie cutter. The aussie cutter works really good but it hurts my hand after about 20 minutes. The problem with the strap cutter is the big hole in the middle of the handle opposite from the blade. I just taped a little chunk of leather to the handle inside where that big hole is. I will also free hand the outside of the hide in about the first eight inches or so in diamater so i can cut the string a little wider in the flank and neck if I am making a reata so i can just get one really long string.
  3. Here is a Bosal I just finished today to start my colts in. It is a 12 plait body with a 20 plait swollen nose button, It has a 11 inch inner diamater. This is only the second swollen nose button I have done and i'm pretty happy the way it turned out. Let me know if you see something I can improve upon. Thanks, Ben
  4. Thanks all for the replies, I'm just finishing up a 7/16" eight plait with two 1/4" pieces of rawhide twisted together as a core. It has latigo bars and rawhide nose button and soon to be heel knot.... I'll try to get pictures up tomorrow when i finish it up. Thanks, Ben
  5. I have braided a few bosals and one bosalita without a core, and was wondering what some of you use for pencil bosal cores. Thanks, Ben.
  6. I am no expert but the last Reata I braided I was averaging a 19 inches of braid to 24 inches of string and i averaged between 4-6 feet an hour. Although II was able to braid nine feet in an hour once when i convinced my wife to worry about the backbraid. As for the getting it done in one day, it probably is possible, but i only was able to get at most about 30 feet done in a day. The only other thing i would recommend is once you decide to temper the hide keep of tempered until the whole thing is done i tried to dry my string out over a weekend and it took me three days to get everything back tempered
  7. I like to use just a turks head knot with mostly a pinapple interweave depending on the the size of the strands. I usually use what bruce grant calls the heel knot. As for what i put underneath its usually a peice of 6-7 oz leather cut into a 1/2-3/4 inch strip and wrapped around a 5/8" dowel. If i am braiding rawhide i can usually get the leather to stay around the dowell while i braid, but if it keeps mooving all around I will just put a stitch of waxed thread on the two ends of the leather to hold it in place. This seems to work well for me and it keeps a 40"x40" scarf tight all day long.
  8. Thanks all for the comments. Here in Utah everything is cancelled for the time being, the arena where we buck our practice horses is closed, all the trainers are not accepting horses, and i'm kinda nervous what the PRCA is going to due, I've got a couple rodeos in the next couple weeks that i'd really like to go to. I sure hope this blows over soon.
  9. Here are the first three reatas I have braided. The first is one didn't turn out very well, it has one splice and only turned out to be about 33'. My second one had three splices and turned out to be sixty feet long, and my last one is 50' with one splice. I might note that between my first and second reata I watched Four Strands of Rawhide, and i think it made a significant difference in my reata braiding. I have another hide soaking in the trough and as soon as this summer snow clears up I'm going to get it going.
  10. I used the sodium sulfide method on the last three hides I did, the last one i did green but the two before that I had let cure with the hair on, I found if you do use the sodium sulfide after the hide has dried, make sure the hide is super saturated, and not just a little wet.
  11. I would recomend if you are storing them at above freezing temperatures to at least flesh the hides the best you can, the hides are alot less likely to spoil and stink if they don't have any fat or meat left on them. I had a bad experience once with a poorly fleshed hide.
  12. I raked a few bareback broncs down Utah way years ago. What part of Utah are you from?

  13. the cow it came from was an old dried up milk cow. there was very little fat on the hide and now that its hanging up it really looks like a great hde... the best out of all the ones I have done so far. I have already knocked my first reata out of the way, but there are several areas that i need to improve on, after watching Four Strands of Rawhide, my first one only ended up being about fourty feet long but this hide is twice as big as the angus calf i used for my last one. I have always heard that jerseys make the best reata, and i also have a jersey hide but it had more fat on it and it has a great big hip brand right in the way, I had intention to make a reata out of it until I got a hold of this holstien hide, and in my opinion the hostein is a better hide, and i don't think the alternating colors will efffect the reata at all, but i'm still fairly new at this reata braiding stuff, and any other advice would be great.
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