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  1. I'm sitting here LOL on the post of the bad fitting saddle. Don'y know why LOL, I can just see the saddle going back and you going cowboy!!!

    1. Huntet02


      i . was scraping the flint hills baby.right over the rocks not just once but twice.....then my mare ran off and . i didnt have the sense to let go of her

  2. I don't have the answer to your question but I just had to pipe in that I thought this is an n excellent question.....loads of folks looking to also buy pony saddles and the general consensus is that because they are buying a kids saddle that it will automatically fit whatever smaller horse or pony they find.....
  3. Wow I should have read this before buying my Wade production saddle from Teskeys .........later being bucked off for what I thought to be a BAD prod saddle but the good folks on here educated me better....:head_hurts_kr:in reading this I learned all my lessons a year after this thread.
  4. Very helpful.....yes I reviewed all focusing more on the groundseats frist then re-read the thickness' and understand perfeclty~ then of course had to peek at the saddles....straight away my eye went to the "Ray Hunt style Wade fork, 3.75" x 13" cantle. I can't describe like I know you educated saddlemakers can but that seat the way your legs would lay in it pulled me in first and foremost so "natural" seems like it would hold you so close and proper to a horse legs right where they need to be without any humps in the way...best way I can describe. LOL
  5. Not to change subject but I rode with a kid last weekend in Lathom KS who said he and his horse were from the "Sandy Hills" of Nebraska when we asked why his horse had mucho trouble crossing a creek.....we hadn't heard of the sandy `hills of Neb but he was pretty young...
  6. And I've seen them in person they are "very clean looking" yet very finished (decorative yet ranchy and sturdy) .......he's got his own clean concept and style I think.
  7. In reviewing all these pics its opening my eyes some thanks all. I originally started out looking to buy "Wade" but I have always liked swells and adding bucking rolls seem to be redundant "Why get a Wade if you have to add bucking rolls"? But maybe there is an answer I haven't discovered yet…. Unfortunately I tip forward when I get unbalanced say at a uncomfortable high speed and Denise and I were talking and she also made me aware of some of the seats that can worsen this bad habit like some saddles designed in a way that will always push you forward, that don't have much of a flat spot ahead of the cantle to sit in etc. So if I'm allowed to ask another question in this same post I'd like to ask... "Which roping saddle seats/forks/ trees would help with a person that tips forward"? I rode a neighbors old Circle Y the other day it's a western pleasure looking saddle but that seat put me right in the middle every time, my feet/legs could give clearer ques seemed like plus I think it had magic "soft dust" in the seat seriously it felt like nothing me or my husband had ever rode before (he made both of us ride it). My neighbor said that's why he'd never ever sold it even though he didn't have horses anymore it was just way too comfortable... Bottom Line I think I need to look at a more "well balanced" flatter type Ranch roper saddle…but just thinking out loud.
  8. This may seem a bit intrusive but JW would love to see what you ride and rope in everyday.
  9. what exactly does "Slick" fork refer to ? I compared Rod & Denis'e swell tree vs. wade and trying to understand the different, I always thought the wade saddle (tree) was much smaller in the pommel or swell area meaning not much to hit your knees on if bucking ...well I was going to also put the other pic on here but now can't get back to their gallery without losing all this.
  10. JW thanks... Ok let me see if I can somewhat reverberate in my own way....Association, Will James etc are different types of Swell/ Forks on trees, with a wade being a slick fork. Wade as I see it is lesser to stay out of the way of roping ... baby steps but I think I was on the correct track. Thanks Rod & Denise and all yes I tried to read everything on here before posting but knew I would miss some... WOW your tree gallery really helped especially a visual person like myself. We love to read "Eclectic Horseman" mag and view the beautiful saddles on "Ranch World Ads" so this is where some of our questions are coming from. My husband and I argued about the association I said it wasn't a wade tree..... and my cousin was looking at the used "Hardwood" listed.
  11. I sent (2) posting in last week and I can't remember where I posted one of them. How in the world do I find them Ive gone under my profile and can't see any "sent" posts or.... Name: Tina UserName: Huntet02 IP Address: Email Address: huntet02@yahoo.com
  12. A man after my own "gullet" heart great to know.....thanks JW once again.
  13. Its OK to ask I should have given everyone better closure..... Ended up taking my horse and saddle to JW Wright, excellent saddle-maker on here, he said there was nothing truly "wrong" with my saddle and the fit on my mare; nothing that should have caused me serious problems. He agreed that I could have a better hand-made saddle but lots of folks like me had to start somewhere and did just fine with a lot worse off saddles. His opinion was there was nothing wrong with that saddle or its fit on my mare. Here's what I believe happened....the problem lying in my placement of the saddle on her back (since I was not used to the different rigging) along with my 1/2" Five-star saddle pad that I believe was pushed out the back of the saddle from too much pressure in the front. The saddle pad came out the back, things tightened, loaded her down in front, tightened her up in back causing wild western combustion twice!!! 4-8 weeks after all this my finger was still in splint, my cousin offered to sell me his blue roan that I've wanted for years so I sold everything I had to get her including that saddle back to Teskeys. Now I would most certainly buy from them again their mgr was pretty fair to me, they gave me very good price with the help of me mentioning this board and the small knot protruding underneath the wool. My life is very blessed....I have a calm, young, ranchey horse that I can throw a loop anywhich way I need to from, learning ranch roping and doing what I truly love ~ only 1 small drawback...I am "saddle-less" (is this ironic or what?) but making due and borrowing a good-quality one. Thats the way life works, when a good horse comes along you gotta do what ever you can to make em yours and thats what I did, I literally sold everything I had to get her but its all uphill from here. I have really learned a lot and progressed so much since April. And "saving" is my middle name saving to buy myself a quality wade this time feeling much smarter and educated thanks to all the generous folks on this board..... Here's a pic of me and my new mare........thanks again to all of you who helped me learn
  14. I'm buying a used handmade (Wade Slick seat)saddle on layaway (full 15.5) yet there is also Lady Wade by McCall "rough out" avail. and a friend is trying to sway me towards the Lady Wade McCall probably so he can take the handmade wade. I know the McCall leather quality and craftsmanship have always been top notch but isn't this STILL a production made saddle? Wonder what their trees are like and their standard gullet width? Here's an ad for one just like the McCall but it only gives gullet height not width http://www.brightonsaddlery.com/Wade/McCall-Lady-Wade---155-Finished-Seat/PAMEADKDDKPNJPIF/3008-3009-3010/Product
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