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  1. Thanks for the help guys
  2. I know this is an old post but how big a laser are you guys using. I tried to get one done by a mate with a 40w epilog and he couldn't seem to get any depth. I bought the machine off him second hand the other day and thought i might try a few out but just curious. Would i need to somehow vector cut the design??? still learning this laser stuff, but would love to be able to make custom stamps for my work rather than learning to carve
  3. Well guys. To date no reply from her. If anyone knows her can you please forward me her contact info or get her to contact me. I think 4 weeks is a fair call but am beginning to think I am wasting my time. Any ideas????
  4. Sorry but I don't need lace. Am looking for one of her beveller tools. They sell a bit more than just lace and from what I've heard her tools are very good. Just can't get in. Contact. Might have to stay up and ring the way it is going. It's a bit disappointing but there could be a valid reason so we will see. Jury is still out on this one at this point
  5. Hi Guys, Does anyone have an email address for yknot lace please. I have used the contact form on the website 3 times since friday last week and have not heard from anyone. I just need them to quote some freight for me and am in australia. Any help appreciatted. Cheers Please shift post if in wrong forum. Thanks
  6. I know its an old post but chicagoscrews.com just ripped me off and lied to me blatantly. Be very careful if dealing with this company especially if outside usa. Dealt with the non delivery of a very small order via email for no response. rang and thought i had sorted out the issue and i offered to pay for the product a second time and pay extra for trackable shipping. Was told i would recieve quotes in the morning. Instead got an email saying i refused expedited shipping on original parcel??? Person i was dealing with was a Bob Valentine. Very dissapointed. Will now order them from china
  7. welcome to the site

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