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  1. biglew

    Hip bag leather pattern

    tony has great patterns easy to follow instructions
  2. biglew

    Embossed Straps W/C Leather

    how many?
  3. really love you edges too curious as to why you use a mesh? and what type of mesh? thanks Lew
  4. I make this bag in 4 sizes and I also make a rivet version It is popular thanks Lew
  5. biglew

    1 1/2 inch conway buckles

    PM sent Thanks Lew
  6. biglew

    1 1/2 inch conway buckles

    I am looking for a source to get inch and a half 1 1/2 conway buckles... I know weaver has them but i don't have an account and don't want to pay a premium price I just need like 6 gf them. Most places have up to 1 inch only thanks Lew
  7. any interest from others to start a leather working group in the Detroit Michigan Area?
  8. biglew

    leather scrap

    the brown is about a 5oz and the orange is around 4 oz I have to think how to photograph the bigger pieces... out of space here will get back to you tomorrow thanks Lew
  9. biglew

    leather scrap

  10. biglew

    leather scrap

    i am cleaning up today. I have Several medium flat rate boxes filled with small scrap. wallet back sizes and smaller good for bracelets, key fobs, inlay's etc. the orange is horween essex and the brown is either horween or slidell. $30 dollars shipped in the USA only. Each Box weighs about 4 lbs. I have a few larger pieces available contact me if you have any questions and i will provide paypal information to pay
  11. biglew

    Is Horween Essex Cementable?

    sorry.... it is aquagum
  12. biglew

    Is Horween Essex Cementable?

    I glue essex on a daily basis....we use a special heat activated glue.. after we glue each surface (like with contact cement) and it dries... we put them together and run them thru a heated roller press..
  13. biglew

    Facts About Cordovan Leather

    I am just lucky that I work with Shell Cordovan from horween on a fairly regular basis.... The stuff is so nice to work with! It is real pricey but has a great finish to it.
  14. biglew

    what do you do for a living

    well I used to be a chef... Now I am a full time leather artisan for a local company ...
  15. biglew

    Stamping Tools/organiser-Rack.

    the best tool rack I ever saw was on here... it was a disabled military vet who makes leather flags and military commemoratives.. In a couple pictures he had an amazing tool rack he made out os a piece of driftwood. Wish I saved the photo to show you