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  1. would love to talk to you..please message me
  2. resin would be great but you can also use poly acrylic like for floors...
  3. the pattern is his intellectual property so make sure it is spelled out clearly that you can sell and resell said pattern
  4. According to US Law if you purchase a pattern you can make and sell items made with that pattern..... you can NOT sell or distribute the pattern
  5. you can buy them on etsy and eBay or the website
  6. steel rule is typically inset into a wood base that has had the pattern cut in... depending on complexity you can bend it and screw the sides into a wooden shape such as a rectangle. to bend the shape you use a bender... small newer types are out there cheap whereas a commercial one will cost you 1000 at a shop auction or on eBay
  7. tony has great patterns easy to follow instructions
  8. really love you edges too curious as to why you use a mesh? and what type of mesh? thanks Lew
  9. I make this bag in 4 sizes and I also make a rivet version It is popular thanks Lew
  10. I am looking for a source to get inch and a half 1 1/2 conway buckles... I know weaver has them but i don't have an account and don't want to pay a premium price I just need like 6 gf them. Most places have up to 1 inch only thanks Lew
  11. any interest from others to start a leather working group in the Detroit Michigan Area?
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