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  1. Welcome CeCe..sounds to me you are a remarkable young laday..just like you were meant to be.

  2. Interesting outlook you have...Makes some sense to me...Would you be a LW friend?

  3. love what you wrote im the same lol

  4. I love your work! You are very talented = )

  5. I ABSOLUTELY love this bag, I want it for myself!! I would love to see more pictures of it, inside and out...it is BEAUTIFUL!! You are VERY talented. If you don't mind me asking, what type of leather did you use.
  6. Hey Jason, I talked to Loretta on Monday, she said you are good...what days usually work for you, I'm normally home all the time....

  7. cece


    Absolutely GORGEOUS!
  8. cece


    Beautiful....better then the stamp = )
  9. cece


    Ok, how much for the top brown (shorter one) with the full size BIC, but in red? I want one.
  10. cece


    I LOVE the concept, I am ALWAYS loosing my BIC!!! or someone stole from me = )
  11. But the layers will never cease to exsist...compassion is something (for most) is bred into us. To many times in my life, I would pray, that it would just be taken away from me. You could do the worst of the worst to me, and I can't seem to turn away from forgiveness (drive me crazy sometimes)...by the way, nice to meet you and welcome aboard. Very respectable people on our site = ) keep in...

  12. Got cut off. :)

    Warriors know that humans make many moves without knowing why they did it. They think they know. In effect: "Forgive them Father they know not what they do". Thus a reason to forgive which gives in to compassion. A warrior will not give themselves to the world for the world will consume them. The layers to compassion are peeled back one layer at a time.

  13. Like what u wrote. I can relate.

    I'm tough. I have a generous and compassionate heart with a tough exterior. I'm street wise and spirit wise. I'm a warrior. Warriors have pains in the mind that affect judgment. Warriors understand the law of cause and effect in the experiences of the mind. Warriors pass through pain. Warriors know that humans make many moves without kn

  14. Thank you, your comments are always appreciated..= )

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