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  1. Hey guys, thank you for all the input on this, I really appreciate it. I haven't posted much on here for awhile. Between my full time job and my leather work it seems like I go 24/7. There were some good response to my question. One thing that bothered me though was the inquiry's about what my idea was. This is something that I put a lot of time and thought into. I would just hate to see it end up with someone's else's name on it. I know there are people here that are a lot more knowledgeable about this subject than I am. Just to easy for someone with the backing and financial means to take and run with my idea. Thanks for all the help guys Joker
  2. Did some digging around on Google search today. Couldn't find anything like what I built. So I'm thinking maybe the cat isn't out of the bag just yet.
  3. I've never seen one before. Post the link or a pic.
  4. It's a tool for letter stamps
  5. The item I have came up with would help many in the leather business. Not really looking to get rich, just be able to hang up my welding helmet and start doing leather full time.
  6. I would like to sell the idea if possible. I am a full time welder and blew out my back about 4 months ago. Looking to do leather full time and that would come in handy for start up money.
  7. I can try to check that. I've never seen anything like it. I really thought Tandy would at least be interested, oh well.
  8. Hello guys. Got a question. I have developed a new tool concept and I'm wondering who I may contact to either sell my idea? I have built three prototypes and have used them for over a year with great results. This item would be very useful to the beginner as well and the master crafter. I have contacted Tandy and they stated that they don't take outside ideas. Any help would be great! Thanks for the help Everette
  9. Very cool and makes complete sense. I'll give that a shot. Thanks! Joker
  10. Just got my new Cobra 4 today. Once I figured out how to assemble it, no instructions, I started to sew a couple pieces of scrap 8oz. Think I got it figured out but need to know what to do at the beginning of the stitch to make sure it's locked in. Do I run a few stitches then back up to the beginning and then take off from there? Also on the other end when the stich is finished, do I just back up 3-4 holes then go to the end again? Any help would be great! Thanks Joker
  11. Sounds like a plan! Thanks to all for the responses Joker
  12. Sounds like the Cobra 4 is a good machine. I have hand sewn for years, just about all thicknesses, hands are just getting wore out
  13. Some puckering won't be a problem. Just don't want big cleat marks on the back side. This is a big purchase and just want to make sure I'm getting the right one. I will prob never go over 3 pieces of 8-9oz maybe two 11-12oz. Just want the back of my holsters and knife sheaths nice. Thanks for the help! Joker
  14. Thanks for the reply! I won't always be doing 3/4". Mainly 3 layers of 8-9oz. What machine would you suggest?
  15. Hey guys I know this has probably been beaten to death but I need some advice. I need to buy a sewing machine in the next week or so. I have been looking at the Cobra 4S. I need it to be able to sew at least 3/4", leave little or no marks on the bottom side. I will be doing holsters, knife sheaths, horse tac, ect. Any help would be great! Thanks guys Joker
  16. I seen the sheath you did that was red with the gold metal trim, great job for sure. Do you make the knifes also? That knife looks great! If you make them to sell please let me know. Ya can email me direct at jokerbfmc49@gmail.com



  17. Looks good! What did you use to coat the top to make it so glossy? Joker
  18. Hey it looks great! I seen this somewhere before, hummmmm, lol. Great job, looking forward to seeing more of your work Joker
  19. I dont post much on here but I do read alot of the posts. MHolzer I think that what you did is just fine. Im sure your friend will treasure this for a lifetime. You think enough of him to take the time to handmake him something that he will use. You even stated in your post that there were some things that needed attention on the cover. Im sure your next one will be even better. This craft isnt something you can pick up over night and be a pro at it, practice is everything. So for someone to slam your work and tell you "This is pretty bad" I feel is uncalled for. We all can use some construtive criticism on our work but I feel that was uncalled for. Just my two cents worth which isnt worth 1/2 cent Joker
  20. Ya got to watch out for us motorcycle type people, were everywhere, lol. I found this site a few months ago, alot of good info for sure. I seen your seat on here and just had to say something smartassed, lol. Joker
  21. Man I have seen this seat before, just cant put my finger on it as to where. Hummmmmmmmmmmm, lol.
  22. Been pretty busy here lately between bangin leather and my full time job. Here are a few projects I have been working on. Thanks Joker Just finished this seat. Dont have a buyer just yet but I had an extra pan that I made laying around and wanted to try the gator inlay. Here is the back of the seat Just finished up this wallet
  23. Here are afew more things I have finished up here lately Thanks Joker Piston Toolbag
  24. I have been pretty busy here lately between my regular job and bangin leather. Here are a couple of things that I have finished up. Thanks Joker Seat and matching toolbag going to Illinois Seat went to Virgina New dash Piston toolbag went to Canada
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