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  1. The sewing machine is around Montgomery AL at the Twisted Spur. Yes all of my belts are doubled and stitched Herman oak. Go with whatever thickness feels right to you. I have found 8-9 lined with 3-4 to be my favorite or 9-10 lined with 2-3. As far as price is concerned. You can always charge more, but think about this every item you make is a learning experience. If you are still new to this you are better to put out 10 belts at $100 this year and learn 10 times than 1 belt at $200 and only learn once. You can check out some of my stuff at dndleather.com for reference.
  2. That looks great. Your price is right on. I sell lots of belts and I charge 75 for border stamp. I also know of someone with a sewing machine for sale. That will make your life lots easier
  3. I use a dremel tool with a sanding wheel. I have also found that once you get your edges how you want them you can wet them. I use a painters sponge that comes on a stick. Then you can run the dremel over them again. Then bevel your edges while still wet. Not sopping wet but moist. This does not get rid of the need to rub rub rub but if does seem to speed up the process.
  4. I get the lines here and I think that may be from the undercut I did with the modeling tool.
  5. I am having trouble with white lines around my knife cuts when I bevel. What am I doing wrong?
  6. How do I lace the leg shield on a pair of chinks? Can't figure it out
  7. welcome to the site

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