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  1. I have the same issue, so it's not just you.
  2. I think it's this one - G878
  3. Sorry for your loss. I created this for my wife's ashes. a fairly simple box. It distorted a little when I put it into a pan of hot wax. Once I'd gotten the excess wax off I used a hair dryer to get the shape back. It was only on 'display' for the morning before being buried in the graveyard.
  4. It is close, but the two 'petals' to the side don't stand so close to the centre one on the F990, They poke out the side more. Must be some-one out there that has one just like it, just a case of waiting until they come along
  5. Studio-N was close, I think it's the 652, can't see one on Ebay though
  6. Bad news I'm afraid http://www.antiquemoney.com/how-to-identify-counterfeit-currency/fake-alert-state-of-alabama-january-1st-1864-100-bill/ and http://www.antiquemoney.com/how-to-identify-counterfeit-currency/fake-alert-texas-five-dollar-treasury-warrant-oct-1-1862/ Sorry
  7. 5000 Ruble is the biggest at 157 x 69 mm According to this.... http://www.cbr.ru/Eng/bank-notes_coins/?Prtid=banknotes_itm&selBanknote=5000r_10&type=type1 if that helps
  8. Originally England Reside in Finland Currently in Peru
  9. I saw your Tudor Tankard. I'd like to make some glasses that taper out and was wondering if there's a formula or pattern for the arc needed to cut the bottom and top of the vessel to get the sides to match up when the "barrel" of the vessel isn't straight.



  10. Glad to see ya changed it. Looks much better with this colour scheme
  11. LOL does it glow in the dark???
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