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  1. I have the same issue, so it's not just you.
  2. I think it's this one - G878
  3. Sorry for your loss. I created this for my wife's ashes. a fairly simple box. It distorted a little when I put it into a pan of hot wax. Once I'd gotten the excess wax off I used a hair dryer to get the shape back. It was only on 'display' for the morning before being buried in the graveyard.
  4. It is close, but the two 'petals' to the side don't stand so close to the centre one on the F990, They poke out the side more. Must be some-one out there that has one just like it, just a case of waiting until they come along
  5. Studio-N was close, I think it's the 652, can't see one on Ebay though
  6. Bad news I'm afraid http://www.antiquemoney.com/how-to-identify-counterfeit-currency/fake-alert-state-of-alabama-january-1st-1864-100-bill/ and http://www.antiquemoney.com/how-to-identify-counterfeit-currency/fake-alert-texas-five-dollar-treasury-warrant-oct-1-1862/ Sorry
  7. 5000 Ruble is the biggest at 157 x 69 mm According to this.... http://www.cbr.ru/Eng/bank-notes_coins/?Prtid=banknotes_itm&selBanknote=5000r_10&type=type1 if that helps
  8. Originally England Reside in Finland Currently in Peru
  9. Glad to see ya changed it. Looks much better with this colour scheme
  10. LOL does it glow in the dark???
  11. Excellent sheath João. I'm not a fan of neck sheaths, I hate the idea of having something sharp near my throat. Might be why I have a beard The way you've retained the knife is clever, I can see that getting used in a few other places. Has a great click too Watch the video, it shows you really clearly how it's held in
  12. Is this any help?? http://www.scribd.co...r-Leather-Craft Scroll down to page 17
  13. I'm not a braider but I think it's a 5 strand braid, middle (lighter colour) strand just goes up and down as you alternate the other four. Some of the other braider's can explain it better I don't have any lace to try it one, so I used some wax thread, it looks close enough to me
  14. Getting back to the cover - His number of 'kill's' on the rifle butt is a nice touch
  15. What can I say??? Stunning piece of work Gonna wear this 'you rock' emoticon out. Here's to panel 2
  16. I agree with ironhead13, it wasn't what I was expecting either. But you pulled it off, again. It looks great
  17. Thanks for that. The seam on the handle (and main body) is an odd one I saw on another forum, I thought it was worth giving it a try on one of these. The main body was, but I don't think I'll do another handle like it. Your right on the stitching, the bottom row holds the base in, the top row was just balance it out, instead of just having a bare groove around the top, or nothing at all. I thought it would look better, even more so once it's had the beeswax treatment and darken the leather up.
  18. I'm fairly pleased with how it came out. Handle was a little too short so I had to set it higher than I wanted too. I'm not sure yet if I'll saturate it or just coat the inside, but I've got plans in my head for the next one, so I'll need more than a small block of beeswax. I'll keep the body as it is, lengthen the handle and change how I constructed it. It seemed a good idea in my head but it doesn't look right, even if it was long enough, it still wouldn't look right. and I'm getting the pieces together to form the bases similar to your tutorial
  19. That's a nice one. It look's like a bracer. You need one for the other arm now. And you've got 27 days to do it in
  20. The 'search' function at the top of the screen works really well But, this might help ya http://leatherworker.net/forum/index.php?showtopic=24009 Good luck with it.
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