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  1. I used the same as a sealer. Thinned 50/50 with water. But, I stopped using that as I had a couple of reports that the paint flaked off with flexing. Now, I never was able to determine if it was from that or if I missed something on surface prep. I generally use a Q-Tip and some DA to clean the letters and let that dry thoroughly. I've also been known to lightly scuff or sand the tops of the letters to give the paint a place to grip better.
  2. What can I use to 'harden' acrylic paint? I use it to highlight stamped letters on dog collars. I realize that no paint will withstand scratching and such, but I'd like to make it as durable as possible.
  3. I tried one many years ago, but didn't like the bounce that it introduced. Especially for stamps. I also like the 'crispness' that I feel using a mallet or maul. My main stamping whacker are the poly-headed ones.
  4. What the others said. Properly treated and stored leather last many, many years. I have a bunch of belts that i friend let me have and they have been in storage about 15 years. Still good as new. Since you used Mink Oil Paste, I'd use that to give them a fresh coat.
  5. Even if you can find the white dye, don't waste your time. It has an extremely bad smell, and it would take many coats to get even a grey color. Just buy the drum dyed white Veg-Tan and save yourself the frustration and effort.
  6. If the leather is soft, as it appears it might be, use a little rubber cement and glue it to a piece of backer board or bag stiffener. Or even a manila file folder cardboard. Use a pair of wing dividers to mark the exact same distance from each end. From the photo, it looks like it's actually punched off.
  7. We can see the photos now. I. for one, have not solution for you.The only latex coatings that I have used were used as a resist on black dye projects and it was peeled off after. It's almost like you are going to need some sort of vulcanized coating, but not sure how or where to do that. If I want to waterproof leather, I use SnoPruf, but that has to be reapplied from time to time. And, to my knowledge, washing it would take it off or at least weaken it. I've also use Mink Oil paste, but the same caveats apply. Maybe a saddle maker has an answer for you. But, I think the washability factor is going to be your stumbling block here.
  8. Download the Fotosizer program. It's free and does a great job of resizing without loss of quality https://www.fotosizer.com/ Max file size is 1.46MB. Not sure of what photo formats this site accepts, but .JPG is always a good choice. Not sure what you are doing to post the binary type code, but it won't work. Just click on the choose files at the bottom of the message and pick them from your folders
  9. Called Vinegaroon here in the states. Like other said. Avoid Tandy if you want a good leather. I buy from Thoroughbred on KY. Always got good stuff.
  10. A lot of folks have easily modified these to act as a manual clicker. They add a cutting block and plates. This is the 20 ton press. They have a 12 ton for less. At one time, they also had a pneumatic model, but I didn't see it on my quick search. But, it sure would make it faster to do repeated cuts. https://www.harborfreight.com/20-ton-shop-press-32879.html
  11. I could be wrong, but I think is needs to be an odd number of strands. I've seen YouTube vids for 5 stand and I THINK there was one for any odd number. Have you tried cutting 6-strands and just using the same groups of 2 and do it like a 3 strand? I'm not sure what it would look like, but pretty sure it would be weird, LOL.
  12. A lot of it is strap rings and end pieces. The ones with the prongs should have a matching backplate the the prongs go into on the inside of the bag and then fold over. the ones with the 2-3 holes mostly go onto an edge or slot in the bag and are secured with screws from the inside. A couple look like that would go on the ends of the shoulder straps, one or 2 might be magnetic closures. They look like nice pieces, and gives you a good excuse to make some handbags.
  13. Maybe remove the metal pull and tie some leather lace in its place as a pull.
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