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  1. I totally agree, the most important part is when to say no.
  2. I've seen the pattern, had a 65 C10. Can be done but would cost you a boatload of cash.
  3. Few years back a lady wanted me to repair her Bahama bought fake "Gucci" handbag. The straps had separated, (the Beijing glue job sucked). After two and a half hours of regluing and then sewing the straps back together, she was upset that I wanted $50.00 for the job. I guess the $40.00 she paid originally (she told me that) +my $50.00 for putting her bragging rights back together wasn't worth it. Don't know what a real Gucci one's worth but I bet more than 90 clams. Sometimes ours is a thankless job.
  4. Steve, When I'm making a new pattern, to make sure how much to allow for the leather thickness, I will take a strip (or strips) of the leather I plan to use and physically wrap around the object. I then have a good idea of the final dimension. If you intend to line it, allow for that as well. Always add extra to your pattern, for casing shrink, minor fitting problems, etc. A little wasted leather is better than a lot. Terry
  5. THein

    This Job Was Rewarding.

    Thank you all for the compliments The whole thing made me thankful. Terry
  6. THein

    This Job Was Rewarding.

    Another nice thing about the situation is, the lady giving the ridings lessons (there are also some others), are organized as "non profit". They're doing it for $0.00.
  7. Awhile back, a lady that gives riding lessons asked me to make something to help a child with a spine disorder to enable her to ride a horse while two people walked alongside to assist her in staying on. This is what I came up with, skirting leather, latigo straps and roller buckles. Made the straps a little long so it'll fit somebody a bit bigger if needed. Handles from the hardware store for the helpers to hang on. I guess she's having a real good time.
  8. Dion, Your leatherwork is excellent. Your knives are also. You should stay with both. Terry
  9. Tex, Check out or post an ad for leather stamps on your local kijiji. Compare those prices to tandy's site. Figure out the best way to go, start doing some tooling, watch and read this site. At some point, you might want to upgrade your stamping tools but that's when you have the jingle and you figure you're ready. I don't know about the draw knife, I'd get an Olfa cutter, or box cutter or whatever you call it, you just need to cut leather and that knife you can buy blades cheap when they get dull. Heck you can even strop them blades till you're tired of it and replace them from the hardware store for pretty cheap. Find the guys that cut marble sinks and beg or trade for a scrap of cultured marble and you've got a good chunk of hard stuff for stamping. Lot's of folks here can go on with better advice, the big thing is, this is something you can start at and carry as far as you want. I got an email earlier today from a fella that's been at it since the 40's,,,1940's. He was happy to help with my question. Best Wishes, Terry www.singletreeleather.com
  10. K, I do this sometimes, not particularly fancy but you might like it. Terry www.singletreeleather.com
  11. Joe, You've got a lot of time in that, not to mention creating the pattern. A close up of the carving would be nice. Did you oil it? I think some type of oil or antique finish would pull out the detail of your work. Thanks for sharing, Terry
  12. Good work, I especially like "El Tejano". I like simple well done items, and that​ is. I should say though, the "Cheyenne Loop" works for me. Again, good. Terry www.singletreeleather.com
  13. As matter of fact,,,, no. Just pics. Actually when I started tooling, I absolutely hated figure carving. I just got forced to step up from customer demand. Thanks to all for the compliments. Terry
  14. I was contacted to make a rifle sling for a lady that is an administrator on a forum dedicated to rim fire rifles. It was intended as a gift for her work and dedication to the forum. The design was worked up in relation to her interests and the area of her residence. I worked up some options for the person who contacted me and this was the result. www.singletreeleather.com
  15. Ok, I'll bite. Saddle leather... The usage of the term must be qualified What little I know about english saddles, they're not made totally from the same leather that western ( meaning north american cowboy ) saddles are. I bought my wife an english saddle years ago. From what I could tell, it was made from a combination of chrome tanned and veg tan leather. The latter being used ( as I believe ) in the stirrup leathers,,,at least, been awhile. Western saddles are usually made from ( depending on the maker and locale ) almost entirely of veg tan leather. All that aside, retailers and catalogue writers take a lot of liberty with their descriptions of things. Adding an adjective here and there can enhance sales!! I don't believe that there is actually on type of leather you can call "saddle leather". Anyone correct me if I'm wrong. I like this definition of veg tan leather here: http://www.lederhaus.de/wissen/lederkunde.php?l=eveg-gerb All the best, and Merry Christmas to all, Terry
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