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  1. Hi Thor! Your kind help is so much encouragement to me!Thank you! About antique,I often use Tandy,Fiebing and Craft from Japan. On this clock,I used Craft deep brown,after protective coating. About the stamping tools,I mix all tools I bought. Among them,I use BerryKing and Craft SK series more often. The basket weave was BerryKing for sure.It is more accurate than others I have used. As for the small star on the second hand,yes,it is from aluminum can.I think it is light enough. Sorry not detailed enough about the carving and stamping,they are not as strange as the wheel:) Maybe share more later. Thanks again~
  2. There are 2 blade.One elle ,nomal size ,the other is from Taiwan,narrower.I have not udes Tandy.Between these two,I do not see much difference in quallity. Many thanks:) Glad you like it!
  3. Thanks guys! One more picture--- group photo of tools used on this job.
  4. Thanks Ash! I agree with you so much. I did not spend enough time to find such kind of hardware.WIsh can get some in the future. The swivel knife was Elle,Japan brand,with ceramic head.
  5. Finish,hang up and make a cup of coffee... Al though I enjoy the idea and procedure of making this clock,I am not sure how it looks. I wish the common components ,the rim and spokes,did not make a low touch .Did they? Any suggestions? Thanks~
  6. Dye and pollish the edge. Leather part almost done. Fix all spokes.When punching the spoke hole,as smaller as possible. Screw the caps of the spokes.Make the circles concentric. the back. Fix the clock.
  7. Wipe the extra paste off. It is much easier when you add a little moisture to the cloth. Glue the back with another piece of leather and cut the edge clean. Do not know the tool's name in english Stitch. A little red makes the clock more active. 削边器
  8. Dye the parts which should be strenghtened. Paste work.
  9. The basket print,in the center and arround. I make the edge into a stage shape,more delicacy. My makers mark in Chinese. Masure the The difference in diameter ,and make sure the lenth of the spokes we need. Cut the spokes by the right lenth. make new thread on the spokes
  10. Edges,you know.... Interspaces? Shaddow?I am not sure.But I think if the leather comparatively dryer ,better,doing this step. Make the decorative cuts.
  11. Draw the pattern on the paper model. Copy the pattern with tracing paper. Cut the leather according to the paper model.I choose 4mm thick leather to work with. Draw the pattern onto the leather from the tracing paper. Cut the outline.
  12. I found a bicycle rim with 36 spoke holes,which can be divided equally by 12 . The daimeter is 20 inchs. Make sure the size of the leather part.And the position of the center. Divide the circle into 12 zones.
  13. Hi friends,here i share the steps how i made the strange clock...
  14. Sorry I do not know why all pictures stay in on floor....I did the work following the 1 2 3......
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