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  1. I've used Douglas blades for a long time & none of the others compare. And yes they come ready to use sharp & polished properly.
  2. cgillock

    Juki LU-563

    SOLD Please remove.
  3. I use a bunch of their extra heavy harness & love it. Sometimes thickness can be a little inconsistent however that's been true of others harness also but it is quality leather. Their veg tan has always been good quality IMO. And yes I agree with Weaver Leather Supply the latigo is true latigo.
  4. cgillock

    Juki LU-563

    I'm looking at a bigger sewing machine that will be more suited for my work. Anyone needing a machine for upholstery, garment weight leather, web gear, & will sewup to 3/8''+, this is a perfect sewing machine. I have bunches of new needles from size 18-26, spare parts, NOS Singer Roller Foot, Welt Feet, thread stand, bobbin winder, new extra hook & bobbin case, 100+ bobbins & a couple spools of thread.Machine is in tip top shape & ready for a lifetime of sewing projects. New Consew Servo motor, nice commercial stand.I did a bunch or research when I bought this commercial machine several years ago. There are NOS parts galore for this machine available many places. The Chinese machines are clones of Singers big walking foot machine were made in Japan & Great Britain back when the steel used was top quality not pot metal or nylon like the machines today.These machines were designed for factory use & to run non stop. A small business will never wear this machine out.Also the Old Juki machines have a button on the bed that mechanically retimes this machine if it ever gets knocked out of time. This means no technicians $150 service call like with other machines. I have a couple of repro manuals & a complete parts manual that will go with the package.If anyone is interested bring what you need to sew & try it out to see if it will serve your purpose.I guarantee this machine is in tiptop shape.This machine is set up to sew leather or upholstery. Not gonna ship but you could arrange you on shipping. $1000 firm & I can take CC's or PayPal or other payments. Located in Monroe NC
  5. I loved the results of the Wyo Slik but the raw sewage smell was a little too much. It's not bad when 1st opened. But once you have it for a month or 2 it's terrible.
  6. Ed if you see this message I'm in need of a few of your burnishers. Curt 7o4-2.4.2.-15o7
  7. I wanted a set of the Bearman burnishers but they don't have a way to purchase on their website & don't answer email So I guess the ones on ebay will have to do. Curt
  8. I use Douglas from Sheridan Leather. The quality is unsurpassed.
  9. I have a Nakajima TDU-N62 that I would part with. I kept this machine as a backup just in case. This is a great walking foot machine that has never given me a problem. The only reason I don't use it any more is I needed a machine with 1/2 inch lift or more. I know of no problem with it. My sewing machine tech said it looked as if it had very low hours. I know this to true as it was owned by a friend who used it about a year & then it just sat in his shop. I have the machine head only. Standard tables can be had reasonable. Buyer to pay actual shipping. I have it packed in a commercial sewing machine shipping box. This means the machine will arrive at your location in good condition. E-mail me @ trunkmaker@gmail.com if you're interested.
  10. I have a 45k25 that I bought & restored several years ago. It sews like a new machine. I put a servo on it & have 2 extra hook assemblies. It has a new shuttle & hook in the machine, 1 new extra, & a used extra. This would be a great machine for someone that would use it, I just don't have a need for it. I wondered if there is any interest here & what is it worth. I'm thinking about putting it on Ebay. Curt
  11. Rob is the go to guy for blue guns. He'll go out of his way to help. Thanks Rob. Curt Gillock www.twofoolsleathergoods.com
  12. Just wanted to let folks know that Rob is a great guy to deal with. If you need blue guns contact Rob his service is excellent. Hey & he is in our leather family here & even better he's local for me. Curt Gillock www.twofoolsleathergoods.com
  13. cgillock

    Leather Bags

    I do a few cases on occasion. Here's a pic of my latest.
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