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  1. You should think about adding a few more lights to your machine...
  2. If a shipment enters a region that is below freezing, it can definitely have a negative effect on the paint. I had thousands of dollars of this very paint shipped to me, and it was frozen when it arrived. Even after warming up, it was destroyed. It turned into a jello - like substance and could not be remixed/shaken back. The other issue is shelf life. You never know how long the re-seller has had the product in inventory. If the product has a shelf life of 1 year, and it took 6 months to sell that particular bottle - the customer now has a product with a shelf life of 6 months, and they won't even realize it.
  3. Can you stack another piece of leather to add the thickness needed to make the machine work on thin leather?
  4. Good information. I know they do this with their "Amazon Basics" brand, but do you know if they are selling directly outside of that brand also?
  5. Yes, I haven't listed the teeth on the site but they will probably be between 10 and 20 dollars for a full set. The teeth are hand finished and take a bit of time to make. I might also make a video to show how to make the teeth in case anyone has the desire to make their own.
  6. Hey folks, just want to announce a new set of pricking irons I've been working on. If anyone has questions or would like to see a particular image or video demonstration, I'm up for suggestions. http://lekoza.com/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=141
  7. Hey, thanks all. I went to wind a bobbin with the machine without realizing the machine was threaded up, and this happened.
  8. Their stuff is made in China, FYI.
  9. Can someone tell me what the piece highlighted in red is called? I'm trying to find it online but not coming up with anything. This is a Cowboy 227r. Thanks
  10. Unless you are going to use most of the buckles yourself, I don't feel it would be worthwhile to do this. There are so many off the shelf buckles available, and most will not care where they are made. Is there something special about the design you want made, aside from where it is made?
  11. No. He pulled / stretched and worked that ball longer than the others.
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