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  1. Just beware of the shipping cost. I priced a similar unit out before and it was nearly $100 to ship it.
  2. Anyone? Any help is greatly appreciated. Even if you don't know but can point me to someone who might. Thanks.
  3. Hello all, A friend of mine is wondering if any of you have seen or have any information about his late great Uncle's saddles or whips? He was a cowman in Bunnell/ Palm Coast / Elkton, Florida. The logo is attached. He is looking for some of his works as memento's. Any help is greatly appreciated, thanks.
  4. Thanks. And these work well with chrome tanned leathers? That would be my thought as well. The initial creasing would look good while later down the line, it would not?
  5. There are variety of different shapes that are from china on the bay.
  6. Thanks. Do you use a ferrule? And if so, what and how do you use?
  7. How are you attaching the John James blade to the haft?
  8. Can you provide more details as to the mods done to the soldering iron? And some pics please??
  9. Hey all, I am going about my first holster and I really like the idea this guy has in the picture below. But I am not sure what it's called, or what exactly it is. If you can help me out I would greatly appreciate it.
  10. Thank you for all your help. I knew it would be something simple that I wasn't doing. I'll try the scratch awl solution first, and then go from there. I really like the plexi-glass idea too.
  11. Hello all, I have run into a problem, and maybe it's a simple solution but for the life of me I can't figure it out. I am making a wallet and when I measure and cut, the angles of the corners keep getting off. The sides are parallel, but they are not perpendicular. How do you get the sides parallel, but also to be perpendicular? I have thought to use a square ruler, but the slightest movement when making the second cut will cause the angle to shift. This means that when I lay the parts of the wallet together I get overlap along the edge. I included an exaggerated picture to better describe the problem.
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