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  1. Al, I'd love to find a vacuum kick press like the one in your video. Any idea where to look? My email is denice@denicelangley.com Look forward to hearing from you. Thanx!

  2. I lived in Pasadena for about 48 years and I moved between Houston and Austin on Hwy . 71

  3. Brand new Cobra class 4

    1. TTcustom


      AAAAAUUUUGH! I am waiting for mine to arrive and I can't stand the wait. Did you set it up and use it yet? How did it go setting it up?

    2. albane


      The set up was easy. I picked the machine up from the Leather Machine Co ready to sew. I've made 6 guitars straps yesterday.

    3. Spinner
  4. http://savmorleather.com/
  5. http://www.tina-messerfabrik.de/kunden_urteilen.html I use these blades
  6. Snap setting can be tricky whether using a maul or a mallet. The trick to setting snaps if finesse and proper snap selection. Snap selection is easy the shank should not extend to far through the textile you are intending to set the snap in. . Otherwise you will be forced to over strike coincidentally bending the shank leading to poor results. Finesse is simple,Ttry to set your snap with a few soft blows rather than one powerful strike. This way we attain a nice roll over rather than bending the shank. Maul or mallet ? Its up to you. I tend to prefer a kick press but that opens up its own can of worms. Best of luck, Al Bane
  7. I have that same machine. I'll take it for $150 in a snap To answer your question..... It would cost more to convert that machine than the machine is worth. If I were you I would buy it clean it up and find a client that needs lots of eyelets set. That machine will do the job it was set up for all day forever. If you don't want it can I please call dibs? Best of luck, Al Bane
  8. http://savmorleather.com/ These guys have the tools you need.
  9. Are we talking about part number 65-6522 through 65-6525 on page 297? http://www.leathersupply.com/downloads/catalog/Machinery&Equipment.pdf if so I have never seen or used that particular set up. It seems to me that if the spring that holds the spot in place is breaking then finding a better holder may be the answer. My machines use a vacuum to hold the spot in the upper die and are hand loaded one at a time. While loading one spot at a time may seem like a time consuming chore I can expect consistent results. This being said.... How to move forward and get back to spot setting? You said: "The current spot setter attachment I have right now (my 3rd) started bending spots today." Can you determine at what point are your spots bending? Can you operate the machine without loading the raceway and load one spot at a time? Would this prevent bending / damaging ? Is it possible to use the setter without the broken spring? If not why? There have been times when my vacuum was not working properly so I used a bit of tape on the inside of the die to make a snug fit and back to work I went. These may shed some light on the subject. Hope this helps, Al
  10. What do you think is wrong with you machine? A little more information may help solve your problem. is it coming out of adjustment? or is it floating in mid air? (lol possessed get it ? sorry ) I'll check here in the am for your response. I hope I can help, Al.
  11. 500 sq ft of Guitar strap makin's :)

  12. albane


    Datgirl, You will need three layers of textile to achieve you goal. working from outer surface in A garment weight leather. A layer of open cell medium density foam. and a layer of cheap fabric I use a Spray adhesive to mount the cloth to the foam then the foam to the leather. the cloth helps prevent the stitching from cutting the foam and helps the composite slide through the sewing equipment. I use a pencil to trace my stitch path ( depending on how complicated the pattern) Have fun .
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