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  1. Machine was SOLD. Thanks for the inquiries.
  2. lwoirhaye

    Singer 29K60

    Selling for a friend, basically.
  3. lwoirhaye

    Singer 29K60

    No picture. No picture. Do not ask for picture. The machine is in storage so there is no picture. Runs tight. Long arm, original stand, clutch motor. Send offers. Pickup in Easthampton MA, only. (If I wanted to ship the thing I'd put it up for auction.)
  4. The Aerostitch will go thicker than some of the electric machines. If all you need is 1/2" capacity maybe the Techsew or similar machine is good. The Aero goes to 3/4" and because it runs on air, the punching action is really strong. One reason some folks like the Aero is the simplicity of the engineering, user repairability, and wide availability of most of the parts. One thing that is really cool about the Aero is it's ability to do one complete stitch cycle with a single press of the foot pedal, so the control is very positive and in this respect using it gives you the same fine stitch positioning control you get with hand sewing.
  5. I've had inquiries, certainly - but no deal closed yet.
  6. New price: $1400, shipping and insurance in continental USA included. At 80lbs shipping at my expense makes this a special deal that may not last. fone: 310-699-zero-three-se7en-zero
  7. I sent you a message Cody, but you can research the specs of the Aerostitch without too much trouble online. It's a type 2. Here's where you can download the manual for this model: http://www.tippmannindustrial.com/images/pdf/Manual-Aero2.pdf It also includes an accessory called, I think, the roller edge guide.
  8. $100-120 via UPS to a residential address.
  9. Shipping to AU - maybe 80lbs. in the box from California USA. My guess is $150-200 US, but that's very general because I've never shipped something this heavy to AU. It could be higher or it could be lower. If you want to research shipping more, it ships from USA zipcode 90601. Your costs will vary based on your province I think.
  10. Cool machine, just not using it. Very powerful. This machine has no reverse. I think it's a type 2 Aerostitch. It seems to work well, I just haven't used it enough to love or hate it. It sure punches through thick leather. I think my small compressor is a little weak for it. Besides, I live in an apartment and the compressor noise is annoying to my neighbors. Looking to get $1500. I'm in the Los Angeles area. I don't mind shipping it.
  11. Ok. 135x17 is correct. The upper thread is birdnesting, getting pulled down under the shuttle carrier where it wraps around the shaft the carrier pivots on. My understanding is the thread is supposed to go around the shuttle, pulling the loop underneath the shuttle. My theory was that the needles were too long and the thread was being pushed too low at bottom of the stroke.
  12. Hi folks. Can anybody tell me what the correct needle length is for the 29k machines? I'm yet another of those nutcases battling a 29k. It's a 29k60 long arm patcher. It's a beautiful machine and I stubbornly believe in its potential. Based on many factors I think it needs TLC, but is far from knackered. When I first got it I went to a local upholstery shop to get the correct thread and needles. The people were nice but their English was a little sketchy. After all my diagnosis I've discovered that I have needles in the wrong system. I believe they are too long by a small amount. They sold me needles for walking-foot upholstery machines, but these are, I've now surmised, a slightly different length than 29k system needles. I'm pretty handy and I would like to cut down one of my needles to determine if the needle length is the source of the problem. I measured the needles I have with a dial caliper. They are in the 1.720" range. I've learned a great deal from posts here about the 29k machines, so thanks to all who share their knowledge here.
  13. welcome to the site

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