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  1. Another link to our collection of stamps: https://westernleathercraft.com.au/uncategorized/grand-stamp-sale/
  2. I have quite a number of each of these old Tandy and Midas Stamps that I need to move. There are 61 different types and you can find the full list on my Western Leathercraft page on Facebook; https://www.facebook.com/pg/WesternLeathercraft/photos/?tab=album&album_id=2386177758099187 Single Stamps AU$9.00 each. 10 Stamps for AU$75 20 Stamps for AU$130 Postage rates: Australia: 1-10 stamps AU$9.00 11-25 stamps AU$13.00 USA is AU$30 for up to 10, and AU$43 for 11-25 stamps. Please ask for a quote to anywhere else. We take payment via VISA, MASTERCARD or Paypal.
  3. I have about 60 different types of old and discontinued Midas and Tandy Craft stamps for sale. Can I post them here?
  4. Thanks Terrahyd!

  5. welcome to the site

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