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  1. I need a few parts for my Pfaff 335 but like all Pfaff parts they are terribly expensive. I've seen 3rd party parts made for other Pfaff machines but I haven't come across any for the 335. Does anyone know of any resources for quality parts for Pfaff? Thank you.
  2. Laplanderbags

    Veg Tan Seam / Edge Binding

    I've been looking for a while for one inch seam / edge binding that will work with a right angle seam binder. The edge binding would have to be close to matching oiled veg tan color and be flexible enough to work with a edge binder and be strong to be used on baggage. I've looked at double folded garment leather edge binding but have not found any that was the right color or weight. I've considered making it myself several times out of the thin veg tan I could find but finishing the edges on yards and yards of binding would take up too much time. the picture is of an example of what I'm looking for, its from an Japanese bag maker that lists his edge binding as being veg tan.
  3. Laplanderbags

    Leather For A Welding Apron

    Thank you folks, that is exactly what I am looking for.
  4. Laplanderbags

    Leather For A Welding Apron

    I've been looking to source leather for a couple of welding aprons. I've seen several welding jackets and bibs that are made of "side split cowhide". Is this leather called by another name, is it oil tan, chrome tan or other? Is there another type of leather that would work equally well? The main requirement would be that it will not catch fire. I would really appreciate any help.
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