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    leather bomber hats, belts, cell phone case, rifle slings, boot zipper installation, leather tooling.
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    leather sewing and Leather holsters, knife sheaths, tooling leather,leather purses and cases
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  1. jack523

    Long post hardware for 10oz

    The buckle guy is on eBay are use eBay all the time. Are use Chicago rivet sometimes and copper rivets with the washer behind the post and then clip it to length and then mash the rivet butt with ball peen hammer. If you want to smoother fastener the Chicago Rivets work well Sometimes you need a removable Loctite on the threads
  2. jack523


    I used scrap leather to make a leather folder so to speak to act as a carrie case for my 14"x 14" pcs. granite tooling pad I also put a 1/4" thick heavy rubber mat adhered to the bottom of the granite. Those holes are for finger carry purposes and I used heavy leather lace to tie the backside of the folder in place. Once I place the folder on a wooden TV tray or table top I untie the lace and open it up.
  3. jack523

    Belts for Sept - Oct 2011

    Work Belts
  4. I worked on five belts Sat. I trimmed and put the thread groove, and dyed the leather. Today I added the double stitch thread along the edge. I had a brother ask me one time its all about making money on your leather work. I said sometimes its about doing good to others and helping those in time of need. Its not about the almighty dollar, I said your missing the point.

    1. Renoir


      I agree - sometimes it's better tp make an honest penny rather than a dollar with bad feelings. I always feel better and happier when helping others.

    2. Lavendara
  5. I worked on five belts Sat. I trimmed and put the thread groove, and dyed the leather. Today I added the double stitch thread along the edge. I had a brother ask me one time

  6. jack523

    Kelly Tool Co

    thats good info I bid on three of these tools for Ebay and the quality is outstanding!
  7. jack523

    20121110 090807

    nice belts. what type of rivets did you use?
  8. jack523


    nice you do good work, you pay attention to detail.
  9. jack523

    Cb4500 Help

    Back to the oil leaking down the foot post, I also have to take the thread out of the thread pot to prevent the oil from wicking down thread. This happened to me on day i had a puddle of silicone oil on the bed. I use 100% silicone copier oil for my thread lube.
  10. jack523

    Screws For Swing-A-Way Edge Guide

    bingo that is the type I just need to know a supplier contact number or link. Thanks
  11. jack523

    Screws For Swing-A-Way Edge Guide

    The type of edge guide i'm looking for attaches to the head near the needle, ball bearing roller and has a spring that keeps it positioned up out of the way or down depending on use.
  12. jack523

    Screws For Swing-A-Way Edge Guide

    I know this i an old post but can anyone point me in the right direction concerning a "swing-A-way edge guide" for a Juki DNU 241?
  13. jack523


    Ok thanks
  14. jack523


    Stitches made with my Adler 204-374.