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  1. Your thread actually comes up and goes through the small hole . The gear is called a whirl.
  2. This might work for you. https://www.brettunsvillage.com/leather/leather-tools/individual-round-arch-punches/
  3. American Leather Drect has Chahin Leather tanned in Mexico in several colors. https://aleatherd.com/collections/strap-leather/products/chahinleather-pigmented-strap
  4. https://www.manualslib.com/manual/364426/Singer-154w101.html?page=10#manual Under the heading To Set the Needle Bar
  5. Long ago I found a needle reference chart on the net that listed many obsolete systems. This list went into much more detail of needle specs than just length ,diameter, etc. Unfortunately, I found it shortly before my computer died and I didn't have it in backup. Best I remember the 16x97 was much longer than any other 16 needle and again if memory serves it was much longer than other needles with the same or similar diameter. Someone once posted a page from this list here on the forum but I can't remember who or where. One of the dealers here on the forum may have this very list and be able to help with the specs.
  6. Was the Pilgrim inventory acquired by USM Americas in Quebec?
  7. Hartland Tannery, one of the tanneries in the Tasman Leather Group is closing for good due to Corona virus. https://www.centralmaine.com/2020/05/04/hartland-tannery-to-close-by-summers-end-leaving-115-out-of-work/
  8. On this machine, the awl goes in the top bar and the open eye needle (AKA hook, thus hook and awl machine) goes in the bottom bar.
  9. Did you dsassemble anyting when you took the bobbin case out? Is that a closed eye needle in the top bar?
  10. Great job. I would hate to own one like that because it would be the one I drop and I hope it wouldn't be the one I catch.
  11. This may be helpful. Take note of the shuttle and bobbins. hopefully they are included with the machine. https://www.recyclart.org/restored-singer-industrial-sewing-machine/
  12. Is the 43-5 a flat bed or cylinder arm machine? If it is a cylinder it could prove very useful depending on the work you intend to do.
  13. I bought one of these a long time ago at Harbor Freight.
  14. Contact Harris. http://www.pilgrimshoemachine.com/
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