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  1. Yeah he seem to be the only one that has then at 1/14” but $6 buckle I wanna buy them in bulk
  2. Does anyone know where I can find 1-1/4"Black Square Scissor Snap all I can find is 1" attached a picture for refence Thanks
  3. Rob, Check out Ohio Travel Bag the should have that type of style https://ohiotravelbag.com/collections/artisan-snap-hooks/products/p-2730-nic?variant=30384555229268 Jake
  4. I have used the font SaddleBag from https://www.dafont.com/search.php?q=saddlebag
  5. yeah what they said that one of the hardest thing to do alway like to find out how others paint their and could be doing it different than me
  6. trying to upgrade to a cobra need to sell mine
  7. still looking for a tippmann boss ive got one for sale let me know Jake 302-462-0187
  8. awesome post thanks for the insite of this great work
  9. hello need some help has anyone had a problem with Eco-Flo acrylic paint, after ive stamped my leather then dye it and then go and paint it so on and so on and after a couple of weeks the paint starts to peal off the leather , i dont know if this is a common problem or im not doing something right or not putting enough finish on my leather to seal it in and im using ,Tan-Kote to finish all my work with any help or input would be great thanks Jake
  10. Find anything just came across your post looking for the same thing
  11. Hey it's nice to see people around this area on here , I'm located in southern delaware near Lewes
  12. first attempt at a dog collar for a friends dog
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