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  1. It's an interesting looking saddle. I'm not sure just how practical it would have been ? The idea for it being adjustable sounds good in theory...but I suspect those wing nuts would have rather quickly loosened up under the stresses of riding and everything would have loosened up fairly quickly
  2. Ahhh..not having any personal experience with the type of rivets you are using, I was just wondering. Do these type of rivets come in different widths ? Is it possible that the heads are too wide to lock on properly even if the shaft has mushroomed ? Just my ignorant two cents worth . I normally use the copper rivets and roves, properly done, they'll never pull apart, leather will rip first.- but they are much more expensive
  3. Another way to get a 'distressed' look is to wire-brush it. Use either a wire brush in an electric drill, or a wire wheel mounted in a bench grinder.
  4. Only just a wild-as*ed guess, but if the rolling pin really *is* for leatherwork - could it be used for book binding.?? I'd imagine they would want to make sure the thin leather they use is is well glued, without risk of marking the leather?
  5. If it's just a "dress" gauntlet, it doesn't look too bad for a first attempt. However, if you plan to use in any any sort of combat, I'd suggest adding some felt or closed-cell foam padding. Plain leather alone won't do much to protect from bruised or cracked knuckles .
  6. A very nice looking job. Any plans to make more of this style until you have a full panoply ?
  7. Very nice looking saddle. It should prove popular with many medieval re-enactors:rolleyes2:
  8. Very nice looking saddle. It should prove popular with many medieval re-enactors:rolleyes2:
  9. Yep, it looks like you have some accessories for an older sewing machine. It may be newer than 1883..The date of 1883 refers to the date the accessories were patented. They could have been in production for many years after that date.
  10. How about some of those fake halloween "cut-off fingers" props ? Stick them on desk along with sign - "The last person that played with my tools ... " As for loose dogs - a big sign on front gate - "Loose dogs on property will be shot on sight". I don't know about USA law, but here in Australia..it's perfectly legal for a farmer to shoot any dog he finds on his property that he *thinks* may harm his stock - he doesn't have to see them doing anything, just *think* they *might*.
  11. Yeah - often a lot of work is paid for in liquid currency :brainbleach:
  12. Thanks very much - that was just what I was looking for Now I can get back to finishing the saddle Us Aussie's speak da Queen's English G'Day Mate ! Howyagoin ??
  13. Hi Folks, when I was more into leatherworking a few years ago, I started working on one of the Tandy Leather Mini Western Saddle kits. Most of the work was done, then for one reason or another, the project got put into the 'for later bin". Now that I've decided to pull my finger out and get back into leatherworking, I've found this kit again. Unfortunately I've lost all my instructions I know I can buy the whole thing again from Tandy, but thats the last resort. I've got pretty well everything finished, except for the cantle - is there any one out there who might be able to help me out with the instructions regarding this part of the project/kit ?
  14. Nice work. If I may make some comments that may improve ? Put the "hinge" strip on the inside, and try to work something similar for the buckles and straps ? At the moment - I think these parts look like they are a bit of an afterthought, not up to the quality of the rest ?
  15. I was wondering if it was possible to be granted access to the Adult sections of the forums ? My date of birth is Nov 28th, 1947 Name: Thistledown UserName: Thistledown IP Address: Email Address: rgrinly@ozemail.com.au
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