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  1. For sale is my Junker & Ruh sole stitcher, bought from a German dealer and barely ever used. The machine is in great mechanical condition but needs tension adjusting that is, honestly, beyond my humble capabilities. Includes several extra needles and bobbins and a printed manual. I'm located in Brooklyn, for any local interest and can send nationwide (continental US). Price $550 includes shipping.
  2. Here I am trying to figure out how to do the patterns for a hard sole moccasin and I run into this. I gonna retire... Great job!
  3. Hi Bill, Question, will this skiver work for thinner leathers? I'm trying to find a skiver for shoemaking. Kind regards, flavio
  4. I'm actually taking a class in making hard cases right now and the stiffener of choice seems to be chipboard. It comes in several thicknesses and feels like carton but it's actually wood. The heavier chipboard will work for a briefcase. Now, I do have to say I HATE working with it, as it breaks easily when applying rivets, locks, and such. Perhaps the chipboard at the school is the cheapest version and there is a better one, otherwise I do not see myself using it again.
  5. Incredible work. I love the design, the choice of lining, and the hardware. Those strap ends are particularly cool.
  6. Hi and thanks for your reply. It's definitely not a custom piece, as I've seen it twice, once on an italian guy who works for Coach, and these pictures are for an Italian shoemaker for Guidi. That's what sparked my attention, the fact that both were master leatherworkers. I'm pretty sure it's made in Italy, but a search for Italian made leather tools is leading me nowhere.
  7. Good day all. Has anyone seen this knife before? I know it's Italian, and it has a blade on one side and an awl on the other side. Any help will be appreciated. kind regardsflavio
  8. Hand sewn? That's incredible. How did you do the inside out pockets on the outside. I've actually been trying to figure that out with no success? cheers.
  9. Dear friends I'm doing some pieces in Chromexcel leather and I'm wondering what is the best way to clean and polish them for delivery. The leather is VERY waxy and someone recommended to leave it in a hot place so that the waxes came out a bit and polish them with some sheep's wool, but I tried that and it leaves the leather somewhat dull. Any help would be greatly appreciated. kind regards flavio
  10. Very interesting that I found this post, as I wanted to find out how this was done. I figured glue, but was afraid just glue would not be strong enough.
  11. Thanks Luke I'll give that a try with a couple of scrap pieces and see what's up. Kind regards f
  12. Hello friends Does anybody have an idea how this "washed" wrinkled effect on leather is achieved? It seems that it was done after the piece was made, as you can sort of see markings of the card slots on the other side of the wallet and also, even the sewing is wrinkled. I have heard it's done with oils, but never with what exactly. Any help will be much appreciated. sr.m
  13. Hi Art! And thanks for your help again! I thought it might be close to a 153, but I wasn't a 100%. So far so good, it has been working like a dream and I have been able to figure everything out, but I definitely want to have a reference manual. Thank you for the help on the Highlead, by the way, you had me convinced, but this seemed like a machine that would do everything I needed, solid, and the difference in money will probably get me enough material to have it pay for itself. Kind regards and again thanks for all the help. flavio
  14. Hello friends After a LOOOOOOONG search for a machine I decided to get a Highlead machine and, of course, while at the store I saw a very nice used Seiko CW-8. Long story short, the guy at the store said he would recommend the Seiko over the Highlead (and I saved a little bundle, too). Does anybody know where I can find a manual for it or, if there is a similar machine whose manual I can use as a reference (I know Seiko actually did some Singer machines, maybe there is a comparable Singer model)? Kind regards flavio
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