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  1. Nice work. That one looks like a pair of Desert Treks. What'd you use for the midsole board? I've been trying to figure that out for a pair I'd like to make.
  2. Ryan Barto

    3/16 beveled calf lace

    Hello, I used to buy forentine calf lace from Tandy in 3/16" that was nice and beveled. Looks like they discontinued it. Does anyone know of another supplier for the same thing? All I can find is flat with no bevel or deer tanned, which is too stretchy for me. Thanks for any help anyone can give.
  3. Ryan Barto

    Fun Project - Leather Covered Pin Board

    I recently helped my wife make a few pin boards covered in burlap and I had a few extra pieces of the soundproofing board that we used. I decided to use one to pin notes above my workbench, but I didn't want to use fabric or burlap to cover it. I had quite a few 1.5" strips from making belts in the past, so I skived them down to about 2 oz and glued them to the board. I then cut out a stencil of my logo in vinyl, stuck it to the leather, and inked the logo with stamp ink using a piece of an old t-shirt. I was trying to go for an aged appearance in the logo, but it only looks that way if you get close to it. From far away, the logo looks more solid. This was a fun project, and the biggest issue I ran into was getting the glue to work with the soundboard. I'm still fighting with some of the leather to keep it from pulling away, but overall it is pretty stable. Hope you guys like it.
  4. Ryan Barto

    Graphic Conchos

    I started looking into this, but a lot of places will have large minimum orders. I do remember seeing conchos.com stating that they make custom conchos. They don't have pricing on their site for custom work, but they do have a phone number to call.
  5. Ryan Barto

    Natural Colored Leather Belt

    I have made a lot of natural belts and the only time I do anything to the backside is if it isn't nice and clean when I buy it. I have purchased some hides from certain suppliers that needed cleaned up (stringy flesh sides) and for that I used gum tragacanth and slicked it with a metal spoon. I've heard a glass slicker would be better, but the spoon worked in a pinch. I try to buy hides that are already slicked though.
  6. I know I'm bringing up an old thread, but I have been using a silhouette portrait to cut leather. I've had great success with veg tanned calf 2-3 oz. My leather was coming in at 1.16mm at the thickest point. Used 2 pass cutting with the stock blade. It really makes the cutting mat dirty, so I may end up replacing the cutting mat more often than it is worth, but so far I have done 2 full wallets, 3 lighter cases, and a few card holders and the mat is still slightly tacky. I bought the machine to cut patterns out of cardstock, but I tend to push machines to their limits. I was pleasantly surprised by what these little machines can do.
  7. Ryan Barto

    What Leather Thickness For Wallets?

    I use 2-3 oz calf for my wallets. It holds up really well, but I don't think it would be very good for tooling (I prefer inlays, so I haven't tried tooling it) the pockets hold up really well, so you could easily use 2-3 for the interior and thicker for the outer shell. I am told that calf has a tighter grain, so that may be why the card slots hold their shape so well.
  8. Very nice. I like how you handled the creasing in the center of the bill pocket. I never would have thought to have the leather fold inward like that. Does that cause any excess bulk when the wallet it closed?
  9. I like the 3M Spray adhesive for gluing fabric and leather together. I did that with my lined wallets, and it turned out great. I did find that I needed to make sure the fabric was thick enough to keep the glue from soaking through.
  10. Ryan Barto

    How Do I Do That -Monster Card Case Face?

    This is a modified case. They bought a leather Magic: The Gathering box like this one: http://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B004I694KO?pc_redir=1397068413&robot_redir=1 Then they used a soft thin leather to glue on top of the front flap with wrinkles in it to make it look like a face and eyelids. The eyes are probably clear cabochons with an eyeball printed on paper and glued to the back. The person who made the one you posted did a really good job executing this. I made a belt buckle with an eyeball using the same technique (just on a smaller scale).
  11. Ryan Barto

    Question About Bi-Fold Wallets

    In the wallet you have pictured, the outer shell is a bit longer than the inside. You are correct in this allowing for folding. I make my bifold wallets the same way.
  12. Ryan Barto

    Phone Blanks

    You can get "demo" or "dummy" phones on Ebay by searching for those terms. Watch out for the model numbers though, some models in different countries have different model numbers.
  13. Ryan Barto

    Single Layer Card Slots

    I have done this with fabric, and I prefer to stitch it. I always worry that the glue just won't hold. The fabric I prefer is a polyester lining fabric that I found at Hobby Lobby. I couldn't find it at any of the other fabric shops where I live. I like the ribbon idea, but I prefer the fabric to be the width of the card slot. If I find ribbon wide enough and still really thin, I may give it a try.
  14. I do all my mixing over a sink, but my dye area gets covered by a cheap shower curtain liner I buy from walmart. It is just a piece of frosted plastic and costs less than $2. It is thick enough to keep reusing, I just wipe it down after I'm done dying (I spray all my dyes now). The curtain gets stained, but when I want to replace it, it will be really cheap. Each curtain can be cut, I get 3 sheets out of each one. I use a separate one to spray my resolene.
  15. Ryan Barto

    Just Picked This Up!

    Nice find for the price. I keep seeing the one on ebay for $1000 and thinking about saving up for it next year.