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    leather carving , Quarter horses, Westernriding.

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    Carving , making billfolds , dogcollars, little bags.
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    coloring leather , much more about carving
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    found a link on sbearstradingpost

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  1. Hi Passenger , here another one from the Netherlands. You can buy you´re leather in Breda , Boomsma they also have a lot of tools. ore in Noord Scharwoude , William Kooy (echt leder.nl) My favorite store is Lederhandel Berten in Belgie , Zonhoven . You can also order at Tandyleather.eu Looking forward to see more of you´re work.
  2. joquarter


    Hi Martin , Nice to see another one from the Netherlands. You are here in the right place to learn a lot from all the nice people here.
  3. Tried something different , it started with some hummingbirds on a peace of scrap and it ended in a little bag made from chrome tanned and vegtanned leather and an old jeans. Started totally wrong , first cut a part out where the carved piece had to come , didn't fit , so decided to lace it . In the back piece made a cut for the zipper. Started to sew the whole back together , made from jeans a bag for the inside , but forgot the Zippers. Made a small separate pocket with the zipper on the jeans part , as soon as I finished it , the first problem rised , Started to stitch the zipper in the leather , opened the zipper , no pocket . . finally made the zipper with a buckstitch between the leather and the jeans , problem solved. My first idea was to close the bag on top with a zipper , but didn't like it . So made a Zipper in the jeans bag , the first side no problem , the second side yeah second problem , next time before stitching anything together first the zippers. Bought a magnetic lock for the bag , made a vegtan heart to cover the parts I didn't want to see , stitched it together . Guess what , to light . At least made to strong magnets inside,covered with a small piece of chrome tanned and the inside and a vegtanned strap on the outside. Learned a lot of it.
  4. Katja , the first thing I bought , was a starterset, the book leather art and craft, Highlighter, super sheen , 2 smal bottles of oil dye. I think it will also be smart to buy a keen edger, a modeling tool with a spoon and a ball, an edge slicker, an adjustable groover, a spacer set ,an awl and some small needles and waxed thread. jewelers rouge to keep your swifle knife sharp. Perhaps you can look some how to videos at tandyleather. As tracing paper I use pergamano paper , works great.
  5. Hello Katja, Most of it I bought from Berten , a little bit from Boosma and if they don't have what I need , I order it at Tandy europe ore Weaver.
  6. Hi Katja, welcome . Here another one from Holland . Where do you buy your tools?
  7. My first attempt of making some smartphone covers.
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