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  1. Thanks for the guidance! Know that I know what I need getting it should be easy enough. Just my curiosity getting to me but could you explain what the size numbers mean? Are they actual dimensions of the needle or do they represent something else?
  2. I have an Adler 104-2 and need some needles for several years I have been using needles that came with the machine and they are now past the point of use. The needles I have are marked Schmet 160. I'm not sure what needles I need or where to find them. I am using 277 thread. Any help would be appreciated! Thanks!!
  3. Cool I really like the brindle effect on the dye, mind sharing how you did that?
  4. I'll mostly be doing knife sheaths and holsters maybe an occasional closure on a bible cover/pad folio or the like usually one layer of 9-10 oz or doubled 4-5 oz. The stuff that Tandy sells appears to have a 5/16" post I'm measuring 2 layers of 4/5 oz at a hair over 3/16".
  5. I have never used snaps but have a couple projects that need them. My question is about the post length, should it be equal to the thickness of the leather? I don't want to order the wrong size...
  6. I like it! My brother collects axes and hatchets and I've been thinking of making a similar one for him yours is inspiring!
  7. The quilted pattern is one of my favorites I think it is a classy look and it's so easy and fast to do. Sometimes I wonder if I use it too much...
  8. Thanks for the kind words guys! I consider myself a hobbyist but these little knife holders seem to be quite popular and are beginning to make my hobby a self sustaining operation.
  9. Here is a couple of Mexican loop style knife holders fresh off the bench. Both should be in their new homes by day's end.
  10. The boots look great, but I can't get past your workbench! That thing rocks! Now I have something to aspire to...
  11. Bible cover I just finished, going to be a v-day gift for the wife. Hot pink ostrich leg inlay, 4.5/5 oz HO fiebing's pro oil light brown. The dye came out pretty splotchy but overall I'm pretty happy with it, I hope she will be too!
  12. First, thanks for the compliments. The stitch line is one of the glaring mistakes for me this is the first time I have successfully* completed this pattern the last attempt I had the stitch line too far in and try as I might couldn't get the gun in the holster so this time I moved it out and screwed up the angle in the process. The bottom is actually open its just too long, next time I'll shorten the pattern just a bit.
  13. After a few dozen chew toys and a few for personal use I have finally constructed something I don't mind showing others. It's not perfect and a long ways from where I want to be but I finally feel like I'm making forward progress in this craft. Please give your opinions so that I can learn from this one to make the next one even better. Thanks!
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