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  1. I am need of some hornback croc or alligator hide similar to the picture. Any help is greatly appreciated.
  2. I'm in need of some extremely rough, knobby hornback that won't necessarily break the bank. I'm looking for something similar to what is found in the attached picture.
  3. Try Angelus leather paint. It is specifically made for the shoe industry and flexes better then any paint I have used so far.
  4. I am in need of a greek key border stamp, which I am unable to find. Any help would be greatly appreciated.....
  5. Any reference pics would be extremely helpful....
  6. In my experience "white" Fiebings is a waste of money and time. I suggest Angelus white Acrylic paint as it's made specifically for the shoe industry and is as flexible and strong as paint can be in leather. I've painted whole sets of armor with no issues.
  7. I also second Angelus. It's a much better value per ounce then Cova and is made specially for the shoe industry so it is very flexible as far as paint goes.
  8. Definitely has some kind of finish on it. You can try a deglazer to see if it removes whatever it is and opens the leather back up.
  9. Completed Caligae. Not hugely historically accurate, but they make me happy.
  10. Here is my completed costume of Saxa from Spartacus War of the Damned. The entire costume was made by me from scratch from the Caligae to daggers. This is the first costume I have done any work with fabric on. Can't not wait to debut it this weekend!
  11. It's used to dilute the color in antique paste. You can also use it with multiple colors to create your own color. I use it w just a touch of black to create steel grey.
  12. Fiebings white dye is a disaster in my experience. No matter how many coats you out on it's never really ever white. I made the armor for the costume in the picture. I used a TON of Cova white thinned w water and many many coats. I have since discovered Angelus Acrylic paint and it's so much better in all ways then Cova. Any true white leather I have found was Chemically dyed during the process and I have never found any you can tool. Good luck with white...it's a headache for sure.
  13. I think acrylic dye is much different then acrylic paint....in my experience Fiebings white dye is AWFUL....perhaps the acrylic dye is different...good luck
  14. Angelus white acrylic paint in thin layers. It is specially made for leather and holds up very well. Great cost per ounce and better quality then say Cova.
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