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  1. I take back my last comment...it surely was not even close! AMAZING WORK!

  2. Some real nice work you have!

  3. thanks for adding me as a friend, i'm not so often on lw.net

    but most on Facebook....

    see you soon on the web

  4. thanks Billio8 ...the colors are alcohol base black for the seat and Antique for the Skull, both given with BRUSH.... that is why I'm interested in airbrushing..... thanks to you all for your info about airbrush....
  5. ok friends...here is my latest saddle...my own. Next will be with a western style cow skull....and I would like to learn to use airbrush, that arrived yesterday by mail, do you have any suggestion ? Some web site where to learn from? thanks to everyone in advance Sergio
  6. Thanks James...No I do not use vinegaroon or similar things ( I have never seen that thing!) ...here we use alcohol based dye, made in Italy, obviously (Nero d'Inferno is the name of the product) About the how to do that work with wet-leather....it depends from many factors ...one of them is our leather tanning, other is the position of design....and - not the last reason- the way to use the hands molding the leather around the foam....look more on FACEBOOK : Sergio Falco)
  7. Thanks...and if you like sheats, knipes.....and so on please check what is doing FRANCESCO NOVA (Facebook) we work toghether and he is very known in Italy.....
  8. ok friends ...now is the time to realize and show my saddle... rebuilded from the scratch....the border all around is 8,5 mm thick, it is hand-painted and hand-sewed...obviously let me know your opinion....
  9. Thanks....and now a reply: the seat is wet-hand formed + glue.... and variations of color is done using alcohol base dye diluted and different size of brushes....
  10. no other colors than spirit or alcohol works on bike saddles....sorry for your work....read the section about saddles and bike gear....
  11. Just before dye black all the background....
  12. ...As usual your work is clean and sharp...showing your work in progress you proves to have strength of character and experience....Thanks David, again
  13. It's very thin, I'm not expert in your system you use weigth ...we use milimetres it is 1,2 - 1,4 mm
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