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  1. Was looking at a saddle to buy the other day in northern California. Makers mark stamp says Earl's Saddle Shop, Reno, NV. Then when looking on line for it, all I found was a holster for sale from an Earl's Saddle Shop in Redwook City CA, and absolutely nothing for the Reno location. Anybody know anything about either of these two places? Thanks in advance. LK
  2. lawrencek

    Old Stitching Horses

    Many thanks Ramrod. Grew up in Binghamton, relatives in Chittenango. CA sun now!
  3. lawrencek

    Old Stitching Horses

    If you get by this place again please advise. I see this post is a couple months old but I just joined today becasue I was looking for a stitching horse. Or maybe give name or phone # and I can contact directly. Many thanks from a newbie.