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  1. Universal Sewing Supply in St. Louis, Mo. should have needles for you machine. Good Luck. Bob Thompson
  2. $2850 Selling my Chinese clone of an Adler 366 Extra Heavy Duty zigzag industrial sewing machine. Comes with cams to do regular zigzag and 3-step zigzag. Adler parts fit this machine. It can easily sew thru 3/8" thick material. Foot lift is about 1" high. I bought it new from the manufacturer in China to do windsurf equipment repairs. Works great, very powerful, has 2-speed servo motor as well as speed reducer so the speed can be slowed way down if need be. Custom table with rolled front edge so materials don't catch on the front edge when sewing. Foot lift is air powered and the reverse lever is also air powered. The hook assembly which is the most critical part in an industrial sewing machine was made in Japan and is premium grade. Comes with spare needles, spare bobbins, misc. guides, and even a puller (currently removed). Smallest thread you can use is about size 92 or 138 and largest thread is at least a size 346. $6200 invested. Located in Corpus Christi. If you have something you would like me to "test sew", contact me and we will work something out, maybe you can send me a sample to be sewed. Also, delivery may be possible subject to negotiation. Ph: 361 - 857 - 5456
  3. Update: This machine is still available and ready to go to work. If you need reliabilty and performance, this is it! It can be in your shop and ready to start producing 5-6 days after payment is made. Call me: Bob Thompson (361) 857-5456
  4. For Sale: Aldler 204-64 Heavy Duty flatbed sewing machine. The machine has less than 200 total hours of use on it so it is in near perfect condition. It sews leather up to 5/8" thick, it has triple feed, sews in reverse, uses needle sizes from 160 to 230, can use thread up to size 386 and has a maximum stitch length of 12mm. It comes with the original OEM table, clutch motor, speed reducer, bobbin winder, and thread stand. IT has the original Owners Manual. It comes with a factory edge guide, some bobbins, some new needles and miscellaneous other stuff like a belt guard, an accessory box, oil bottle, etc. The 1/2 hp motor runs on 110v. All you have to do is add thread (and maybe a light) and start sewing It can easily handle the largest size of threads. I bought it to work on sails but discovered I needed a heavy duty zigzag so here it is for sale. The original owner bought it to build saddles, but shortly after purchasing it, he had a heart attach and never got to use it. I bought it from his daughter after he passed away. The machine has a nice slow stitch rate that is easy to control for precise work Machine is located in Yoakum, Texas. My asking price is $2450. Bob T. (361) 857-5456
  5. Last day of November and time to lower the price again. The price is now reduced to $2399. Email me at thombizatyahoodotcom
  6. You might want to consider my used Adler 204 listed about 20 items below. IF you're serious about production, it can handle it. Bob Thompson
  7. Last day of the month, the price of $2600 is now reduced to $2500. That's a great price on such a fine machine!
  8. Nixon66, This machine would meet your needs plus I think I can meet your expenditure ceiling of $2500. email:thombizATyahooDOTcomcorrected
  9. I have gotten the whole story about what happened with the sale of the Adler. It did sell to a buyer in Houston, but.... the buyer promptly broke a couple needles, scratching the hook and knocking the machine out of time. In this condition, they could not get the machine to stitch so they complained to Cambell Randall, saying the machine was a lemon and wouldn't sew. To appease the client, CR replaced the Adler with a different machine and instructed them on the proper operation of the new machine. Upon getting the Adler back to their shop in Yokum, the techs at CR checked out the problem, discovering parts of the broken needles, the damaged hook, and discovered how badly the machine had been knocked out of time. The problems with the Adler were completely operator error! They replaced the hook assembly with a new Hirose unit and put the machine back in time and it now sews perfectly. So, it is now back up for sale. The current price is $2600 if you buy it from me, and I will continue to drop the price $100 per month until it sells. If you approach Cambell Randal, they will have set their own price, substantially higher than mine.
  10. Over the long run, the Japanese shuttle hooks are going to perform better, be less succeptable to damage and produce better looking stitches. Having talked to someone at Cambell Randal about the very same issue, they told me they feel the Hirose shuttle produces the best looking stitch and does so for a very long time. I was thinking of replacing my Koban with a Koban and they recommended the Hirose as being the better hook in the long run.
  11. One of the machines I have uses the 328 and I get mine from: http://www.campbell-bosworth.com/index.html
  12. I just found out that Cambell-Randalls sale of the machine fell thru so, the Adler 204-64 is still available. Price is $2600.
  13. I want to add a small comment about the Chinese clones. I have a Chinese Adler 366 clone and generally, the castings, shafts, gears, etc. are pretty good, but the set screws, bolts, allen screws, etc. etc. are awful. The problem this presents is it is hard to tighten them up where they hold like they are supposed to. Consequently, it is pretty easy to knock the machine out of time. My solution is to completely replace every screw, bolt, allen screw, etc. with American made products. Since doing it, I have not knocked my machine out of time even once. Fortunately, they use standard off the shelf sizes so I can get replacements closeby at Ace Hardware.
  14. The very first thing is take out the needle you have and put in a new one making absolutely sure it seats properly in the needle bar and is oriented properly to the hook. You may not of installed the current needle properly. We've all made this mistake causing the same results you're getting. Beyond this, my opinion differs from those above. If you use too small of needle, the hole in what you are sewing is too small then the thread hangs up in the material putting tension in the thread as the needle makes it's downward stroke. When the needle reaches it's lowest point and starts to rise, the loop starts to form but the tension in the thread from the material doesn't allow the loop to reach the right size, the hook misses the loop, causing a skipped stitch. This can also happen when you have too much top tension. I sew a lot of 138 thread with size 23 needle and it seems to work well. The second possible cause, is the needle height is either too high or too low. When the hook tip passes by the scarf of the needle check to see its position. From it's lowest point, the needle should rise about 1/8" before the hook tip passes by the center of the scarf. Typically, a jammed stitch will force the needle bar up in its holder and the hook tip will then pass right at the eye of the needle, missing the loop and thus the stitch. The next possible cause is the hook tip is too far from the scarf when it passes the scarf. The box your hook came in should contain some shims to shim out the hook. You want the hook tip to be nearly flush with the back of the needle at the needle shaft, not the scarf. Good Luck.
  15. Sold Cambell Randall sold the machine just prior to receipt of escrow funds.
  16. Hi Spencer, I PM'd you. We can handle the details thru standard email. Thanks. Bob Thompson Sale Pending
  17. Hi Spencer, I researched Ebay's recommendation and they recommend www.escrow.com See: http://pages.ebay.com/help/tp/payment-escrow.html So, WWW.ESCROW.COM is fine with me. Please consider that the following may impact how the transaction can take place. My wife and I are off on vacation for a month starting Aug 29. (Retirement is the best thing to happen to me!) The Adler is currently on consignment at: http://randallmachine.com/catalog/product_...6083dee890ef76b so, I would need to retrieve it from Cambell Randall in Yoakum (about 175 miles away) and mount it to a pallet for shipping. If things happen close to my departure on vacation and were to somehow get messed up, I wouldn't be available to un-mess them. If everything happens relatively quickly, there is plenty of time to take care of the details. If you want to postpone until I return from vacation in early October, no problem with the possible exception that Randall may sell the machine in the interum. If you want to check me out, one source is here (I'm that Bob Thompson): http://www.airforums.com/forums/f4/chronol...25-a-10522.html http://www.airforums.com/forums/f438/tires...ires-16506.html
  18. I can't think of one right off hand, so I would need to research it. The last one I used was related to a windsurfing equipment site so that wouldn't apply here. It shouldn't take too long to find a reputable escrow company that the buyer and seller can agree on.
  19. One additional thought, for protection of buyer and seller, an internet escrow service could be used with cost shared equally between buyer and seller. If using an escrow service is a bit over the top for you, then pay with US Postal Money Orders. Its good for both parties, guaranteeing payment to the seller, plus Postmaster General and FBI involvment on behalf of the buyer in the event of fraud. I've purchased a number of items on the internet with US Postal Money Orders.
  20. Hi Spencer, I think the original Owner purchased the machine in 1996 or 1997. He made one saddle with it then had a heart attach. The machine passed to his children who stored it in the garage for 2 years before putting it up for sale in 2000. I bought it in 2000. Sorry, I can't accept payments. Unless you live near me, there would be no way to guaranty payment, no way to secure the loan. Bob T.
  21. As of August 1, 2007 the price of this machine has been reduced to $2650. :flowers: Cheers! Bob T.
  22. Since I'm not a sewing machine collector, I need to sell this machine because I could use the cash and the room, so I'll try dropping the price $100 per month until it sells. The new price until the end of July is $2750. Please let me know if you're interested. Thanks.
  23. One screw should be to hold the tension plate in position, the other is to set the spacing between the tensioner plate and the bobbin case body thus creating the drag needed on the bobbin thread.
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