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  1. Hello everyone, i've actually posted quite a few times now, but never made an intro post here. I'm Kyle Watson, i live in kansas city kansas, and a newcomer to the craft. If i recall, i've just reached my 3rd month doing leatherwork. please visit my gallery and leave some comments on my work!
  2. Nee, ek kan net verstaan dit, soms. Nice to meet you as well. My mom never taught us much afrikaans, unfortunately, we just picked up a bit when we spent time there in Cape Town. I live in Kansas now though =P

  3. Heya!! So kan jy afrikaans praat? Nice to meet you!! Hope to see some of your work very soon ;-)

  4. anyone know some good places for tips on leather hat making?

  5. This was a repair job... my fiance's favorite shoes got absolutely destroyed by a dog chewing on them. the one with obviously repaired parts was basically destroyed in the back. i salvaged the foam and trimmed/sanded the remaining parts above the heal and used some modge-podge to fill in the bigger holes. its not done, in that it would still need to be painted but i thought it was an interesting project.
  6. Hey! Wow, there are a lot of Afrikaners around here. My parents are from Rhodesia and i use to come visit Cape Town every year.

  7. the gears came from a tandy pattern i found but this is my own layout. the pattern is called "steampunk" Craftaid No. 76605
  8. FMA is Full Metal Alchemist, for anyone that was wondering. its a very popular anime... this is a keychain i made for my roommate who loves the series.
  9. Hey, thats actually the way i was thinking of redesigning the entire piece, referring to the layered thumb cover. that makes it looks much nicer btw. totally agree with you on the rubbish pattern as well... but its not a bad starting place if you have no idea what you're doing. =P oddly enough, i had also considered doing a triweave pattern on my hand piece but decided in the end i needed practice tooling so went with the wing design instead. looks pretty awesome
  10. Yeah, i'm not in any SCA type activities atm, but i like them... i use to dagorhir in KC but haven't in a few years. if i did start up again i'd pad it pretty seriously. any functional armor i'll probably make with actual liner or covered padding =P i did actually play around with what it would be like wearing it and punching something... it was painful, lol. rough dry leather doesn't feel pleasant against your knuckles.
  11. yeah that was the only site i found with any guides on a pretty quick search. that being said, there's a lot that i'm going to change in any subsequent designs. there's really too many unnecessary pieces that make it stiff and somewhat complicated. in addition, if you don't use the right arc length for the ovalaid pieces they tend to wrinkle up near the rivet in the middle. it looks fine but i'm planning on refining it and going to an overlapping panel type gauntlet. i also made the hand part a little too small, but again, it was basically a first try at anything like this. i only started doing leatherwork a few weeks ago. =) As far as the thumb design goes, it really only covers to the knuckle, because the gauntlet overlaps a little when you make a fist so you're still covered. I'm considering doing a fingered glove type guantlet for my next armor piece, or possibly a shoulder/arm piece. its either that or a helm. =) the cuff was also a not quite what i was going for so i attached it to a pretty basic bracelet that i stitched to some basic bracers i made. i'll cite any resources for patterns i use in the future =P
  12. Woohoo, so I spent all night working on this piece and i'm pretty excited about it, especially considering it was a learning piece. basically the whole thing was built in one go with some trial an error. i'm way too cheap to buy patterns. i also ran out of rivets after i put together the thumb cover, and didn't have any for the bracers. I also added restraining straps on the interior of the gauntlet so it stays on your hand now.. to lazy to retake the pictures though =P Critique welcome! also, if anyone knows a good place with free armor patterns that would be excellent.
  13. Hi there! This is some of my work... I just started doing leatherwork, unfortunately with just some Tandy manuals and the internet for guidance. that being said, i'm loving it. feedback on my stuff and any suggestions or ideas for future projects <for someone new to the trade> are greatly appreciated! Thanks! for clarification, all the leaves are hair clips =P
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