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    I did a little bit of leather working when i was a kid in Arkansas. I'm going to try to find some time to start making things again.

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  1. Since you are in Los Angeles go downtown to Sav Mor Leather and see what they have. Also in LA is a place called Saderma Leather, they are a supplier for all things shoes. Another place i really like to get my supplies is online at District Leather Supply. Bill is great and should be able to help you find what you might need.
  2. Smuzzler

    Shoemaking School?

    I've been searching as well. But i guess there is nothing around here. I did find a week long class in Oregon and there is some other classes in Arizona. I even asked the guys over at Saderma Leather and they didn't know of anything for sure. They did say a woman in Pasadena has a class, but that was all the info that they had.