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  1. One of a kind. Made by me. 320 260 9976 for more info.. $400.00 KT Guns not included
  2. New knife not included Got 5 years ago.. Paid $350.00 320 260 9976 Want $ 150.00 KT
  3. Fits Colts etc Gun not included $150.00 320 260 9976 KT
  4. Finished this today for my latest knife. Brain tan sheath. KT
  5. This is a rig made by me. All elk hide. Fits colts and knockoffs 4 3/4 to 5 1/2 barrel . Belt holes 37 to 44 inch holes $400.00 320 260 9976 Terry KT
  6. Complete rig with knife sheath .. Knife not included. It is 100% gator. I have never seen a complete gator rig before. It is new and made by me. Holes range from 37 to 44 in. Fits colt frames and knock offs. barrel length is from 43/4 to 51/2 in. I am remodeling house and downsizing my collection. I have about 50 rigs left and have sold 16 in the last 3 weeks. Having operations and making it easier for mom and me around the house. I have more than $400.00 in material in this rig.. KT Call 320 260 9976 ask for Terry Check or money order
  7. bwillieiv thank you. The black one and the brown one before it are Crocodile and gater KT
  8. That's a thin piece of copper that is stamped and etched to give it that effect and used as a inlay. I use a lot of copper for inlays and about any thing else I can find.. LOL KT
  9. Thank you. I have only been doing it for 8 years and am about to quit soon do to health. I have so much more to learn but I guess NOT.. KT
  10. Recently done bags for me and wife. Sheath gift for a friend.2 different knifes for it. KT..
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