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  1. Yep, Know what you mean. We get some humidity and wetness hear in Michigan so it's a must to take your hair rope of your hackamores every time you ride or it is kink city, and if they get wet you can just about stand'em up in a corner if it's a good tight rope.
  2. Thanks for the reply. I can't seem to pull up any snaps on you website. I'm looking for a spring snap under 2" in length for a 1/2 to 5/8 strap.
  3. Not having any luck finding small stainless snaps for fastening 5/8 straps on chaps, chinks, armitas. Couldn't find anything at Weaver that looked small enough. Any suggestions, just trying to avoid nickel plated.
  4. I use a 3/16 poly or nylon rope for my cores. that gives me a 9/16 ish 12 strand mecate, which is what I like. If you want thicker use 1/4 for core, that will give about a 5/8 finished diameter. You can also use 1 or two strands of para cord as the core for the same results. I only go 8 strand if the customer has small hands and wants a 1/2" mecate. If you use to big of core in the 8 strand it feels to mushy to me and you can see the core. As far as colors go, what you said would look good to me, but colors are like a room full of girls, which one is the prettiest?
  5. I've braided quite a few sets out of para cord. 550 with core in each strand and a core in the braid, I like that feel for a snaffle bit out fit.
  6. Thanks Toot, maybe I'm over thinking it a bit. I have been known to be a little anal about stuff.
  7. Do you use the standard flat tapered head drywall screw with a cup washer? I was concerned about leather pulling through and corrosion. Everyone says brass, stainless, or some type of coating like for exterior purposes.
  8. Can't seem to find the pocket hole wood screw with / truss head or washer head in 1" or 3/4". Is a flat head ok used with a cup washer?
  9. Thanks jbird, I thought I looked at Woodcraft's site but I'll check again.
  10. I have talked to the guy I bought the tree from and he said to get stainless cap head wood screws in the various lengths. I have searched the internet over and cannot find what he is talking about. The regular oval head sheet metal type screws won't bite enough, needs to have a bigger flange on the threads. Any help would be appreciated.
  11. Thanks Ron, that does help a bunch. I tend to like a more narrow seat as I spend quite a few hours at a time some days in the saddle. Plus my wife will be riding this saddle some. Would a couple more layers narrow it up a little without putting me to far off the horse?
  12. Any one ever built a ground seat on a Laporte tree? And would be willing to describe the process. Starting my first saddle.
  13. Mott's private message me your email and I'll invoice you through paypal. I'll ship it out tomorrow.
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