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  1. 10 inch Chase pattern Splitter, very good condition. Very little use and I bought it from Bruce at https://brucejohnsonleather.com a couple of years ago. Blade is sharp and ready to be used. 350$ email or PM david.heleader@telia.com
  2. Hi Butch, I too would be interested in a pattern for a doctors bag and would be very thankful if you had time to send it to me. My email is: david.heleader@telia.com Thank´s
  3. Can someone explain how you stich the cantle with a hook needle. I always do it with an awl and 2 needles but I´m curious how it´s done.
  4. No, tree still for sale, Interested?
  5. Hda

    Jeremiah Watt Dvd´s

    Dvd´s are sold, thank´s for your interest. Well, my is saddle making is 3 and carving is 2. I think he has just put the material on bigger discs. All the parts are in there and I have bought them directly form Jeremiah himself. /David
  6. Hda

    Jeremiah Watt Dvd´s

    Floral carving DVD is sold, new price on the Saddle making DVD is $250 + shipping. //David
  7. Hda

    Jeremiah Watt Dvd´s

    Cheryl, The Saddlemaking DVD is a 3 disc set and if you ever want to learn how to make a saddle you won't find anything better than this, I have seen most of the saddle making dvd´s out there.
  8. Jeremiah Watt DVD´s for sale, as good as new only watched a few times. The art of Saddle Making $300 The art of Leather Carving and Floral Layout $150 or $400 for both dvd´s + shipping //David
  9. I´m selling a Buster Welch tree made by Rod Nikkel, I had 2 of them and have built on one but I have no need for this one. Great tree, as always when it comes to Rod Nikkel. Tre spec is: Buster Welch, 13 wide, 3 3/4 stock thickness, stood up. 4 handhole, 93 degree bars, 7 3/4 Gullet height. Seat is 9 1/2 thigh length and that will be around 15 1/2 when saddle is finished Cantle is 3 tall, horn 3 and 2 cap. Selling this for 500 + shipping, tree is located in Sweden Picture of saddle is how the one I built on the other tree came out. //David david.heleader@telia.com
  10. ok, thank´s The Double H link didn´t work. I found this company http://www.hitchingpostsupply.com/group.asp?grp=507 seems like they are selling the laporte tree. Sombody know someone that builds on them? //David
  11. Who sells these Laporte trees, do they have a website or any contact info. I like to try to build on one with cablerigging. //David
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