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  1. I would like to purchase some edge rub concentrate if it is still available. Thanks Rodney 

  2. This thread is in the off topic catagory and if you read the desription of what this covers in the table of contents Pete posted his opinion in the right spot. People do not have to read a thread if they choose not to. Having THREAD NAZI's is reminesent of burning books and those kind of things. This is AMERICA, we are allowed to disagree and do not have to be mind numbing robots as stated by our Sectretary of State. Greg
  3. Did you by chance happen to donate any of your beautiful bulbs to the Bill Clinton Presidential Message Parlor/Library? Kevin I hear the tour guide is Harmonica Lewinsky. Greg
  4. Darcy if this horse is as downhill as the top photo seems to show was there considerable bridging when you set the varios trees on him? Greg
  5. Has both skirts and jockeys. the jockey's are a hair bigger than the skirts. Greg
  6. Darcy is the horse standing square in the first photo? if he is he is alot higher in the croup than anywhere else on his back and anything you put on him is gonna run forward into the shoulders. In the second photo the protruding tissue looks considerably larger on the near side over the off. Greg
  7. My apology from this morning which got moved to the bottom of the vegan thread was part of an APRIL FOOL'S DAY joke. I stand by my original comments. If you choose to remove THIS post please delete my account at the same time. Greg
  8. The apology I posted this morning which got moved to the bottom of the vegan thread was posted as an APRIL FOOL'S DAY post. I stand by my original comments. Greg
  9. Regarding my comments on the Vegan leather thread the other day I would like to apologize for my rude, insensetive comments. Greg
  10. Richard for braiding use the graphs in Robert Woolery's book. photocopy them and turn them over looking at the graph from the back side. As for the skife cut the handle off and silver solder it on the other end, works great. i am not left handed but i did have a guy work for me that was and he was quite creative at making things work for him. Greg
  11. Barra if you get near sw Idaho you are more than welcome here for a while. Greg
  12. Not sure on the june 27 thing. it would more like be workorder 6127 or something like that. The cantle is what is refered to as a comfort cantle, so with that and a few other style things like the horn, swell and cantle height I really believe my first date estimate is more realistic. As for value it would be worth what you could get for it. For a collectable saddle to bring the big money it needs to be in Pristine original condition, or by a handful of very sought after makers in good original condition, or to have provanence documenting its history with a significant person or event. Greg
  13. Maybe the silence from Jerry and Dave reflects the fact that they realize they have lost all credibilty they ever had and do not have a clue about trying to rebuild it? Greg
  14. That is the name of the saddlemaker who made the saddle in Porter's shop. You will find these tags on lots of Porter saddles. Judging by the style of things I would think your saddle was late 40's to early 50's. Greg
  15. Karl i don't have a manual but I do have a page from an old BUSMC catalog on the pilot. give me your address and I will post you a copy. If you come accross a manual i would sure like to buy a photocopy from you. Greg
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