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  1. Beeswax and parrafin oil is a great sealer I use it to deter rodents in my tackroom. Just heat it enoughto mix thoroughly lt doesn`t take much heating.
  2. One happy cowboy, just purchased 300 USA made Craftools from deceased Estate originally bought in the early 1960`s and all in as new condition.

  3. One happy cowboy, just purchased 300 USA made Craftools from deceased Estate originally bought in the early 1960`s and all in as new condition.

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    2. Sylvia


      yeah... Hope you got them for a great deal.

    3. gary jackson

      gary jackson

      Equivilent $US1250 or thereabouts.

    4. gary jackson

      gary jackson

      Equivilent $US1250 or thereabouts.

  4. I`m real happy with my Seiko 8LD, was a little quick for me to start with but have the speed mastered now. Limited feet does mean some work is done on the Pfaf 335 17B H21 for tighgt corner design etc.
  5. Nice work Turbo, what machine are you using on the Chaps?
  6. Hey Luke, is that Donnie Gay grinning at me offa your wall?
  7. Happy New Year Al, have just caught up with your Cowboy posts , would like to come over and have a look sometime I`m flat out with Rodeos at the moment but will call sometime in Feb.
  8. KIa Ora Elton, can you let me know cost of your mauls and also the Basket Stamp as shown in recent post, thanks heaps Gary.

  9. Kia ora Elton, you`re a busy man, the tools look great, pm me a price for 1 of your mauls and the Basket Stamp above.. please. Regards Gary. ps If you need to a guinea pig tester down here just send em all down, might pay to wrap them in a pair of Chaps tied to a Saddle for ballast!!
  10. Hi Johanna, could you please provide access to this forum. Thankyou.
  11. Last night I was Arena Director and Chute Boss at the Hamilton International Rodeo in the Claudelands Arena in New Zealand, I recognised these Chaps on a young Saddle bronc rider and walked up to him and said`` Elton Joorisity made those Chaps ``, he replied that that was right and that Elton had also made his Bronc saddle. He then inquired as to how I knew this, and it was with some pride that I told him of the many hours I have spent on this site admiring and striving to emulate some of the skills exhibited here. Elton it was a priviledge to view and touch your beautiful workmanship, your attention to detail and the skill required to get such perfection and finish is unsurpassed and I salute your incredible ability. As you will know I am referring to the Chaps owned by Kerry La Valley.
  12. gary jackson


    Kia Ora Bob, nice looking rig did you also make the tree?
  13. Kia Ora Ronnie, how does this compare to a Pfaff model 335- H2 -17/01- BL and are parts for these readily available? Thankyou Gary.
  14. Kia Ora Darryl, how are you getting on with your Seiko 8BlD3, I have just got one today funnily enough I also paid the equivalent of $600 it has a clutch motor but I also got a servo to install on it, so that takes care of tomorrow. Would be keen to hear what and how you are running with it. I make Chaps and Handbags.
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