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  1. Apologies for the late update, Stitcher is SOLD...
  2. everything in the premium package, we bought two for our leather holster business and really use one... Premium Accessory Package: Left Toe Presser Foot $75* Open Toe Center Foot $65* Double Toe Presser Foot $80* Right Toe Presser Foot $75* Work Platform $95* Ten Size 25 7X4 Leather Point Needles $10* Ten Size 24 7X4 Leather Point Needles $10* Ten Size 23 7X4 Leather Point Needles $10* One Spool of Thread $10* Holster Plate $156* Stirrup Plate $156* Slotted Plate $85* Blanket Set (Inside & Outside Feet w/ Feed Dog) $150* Heavy Duty Roller Edge Guide $95* Pair of Thread Nippers $2* LDA-1 Magnetic LED Light $20* Oil and tool package Four bobbins Owner and parts manual Instructional DVD *Total Value $1110 I'll double check everything.... email me and I'll give you my phone number, if you have an iphone we can facetime...
  3. if you email - sales@712gear.com my brother will also get the message in case I can't get back to you, still have original boxes and can crate work in shipping for the right buyer... Thanks for looking, happy new year to all, stay safe and God Bless... Cam
  4. Cobra Class 4 sewing machine, brand new, less than 10 hrs of use. Bought two thinking I needed both but really only need one. These are over $3k with tax and shipping. Save several hundred with mine. Will deliver for serious buyers in the Raleigh NC surrounding area. Asking $2600 Here is the link for $2800 http://www.leathermachineco.com/product/cobra-class-4-p-premium-package/ ... so basically save tax and shipping costs. I make leather gun holsters and my business is 712Gear, look us up on Facebook... If you do your research, Cobra 4 is the best leather stitcher out there, uses include, holsters, belts, saddlery, pocket books/purses and much more. Will sew through 3/4" of leather... Will throw in some pre wounded bobbins... Thanks for looking Cam if interested email - cameron@712gear.com
  5. BOSS SOLD, pending payment... thank you all who replied
  6. interested if its still available, from Raleigh NC Cam
  7. Outlaw, I will pay for shipping, please email cameron@712gear.com and I will send you photos, video of the stitcher.
  8. sorry, machine has been sold to a professional shoe maker...
  9. would you sell puritan parts/needles separate? I know a leather worker that is looking for puritan parts....
  10. the boss stitcher has been great for our family owned company, www.712gear.com and do to our increase in sales we need to make production faster...
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