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  1. I was gifted this saddle about 15 years ago by my best friends grandfather. It had been buried in the back of a shed for many years and the leather was badly dried and curled. After an entire can of saddle soap and a bottle of neatsfoot I was able to get it back to this point. It has a wooden tree and the leather is still solid (I still ride in this saddle). I had it looked at once and was told that it could be a H.H. Heiser, but with no makers mark, that it could possibly be an Heiser apprentice saddle? I can take more specific pictures if needed, just ask. I'm just curious about it's origin and possible worth. And no, it's not for sale
  2. Hello all, I figured I might as well do a brief intro since I am new here. My name is Jon, from Michigan and am into horses, old saddles, and beginning to get into leatherwork. Now the reason for my post. Several years ago I was given an old highback saddle by my best friends grandfather. He didn't know much about it, but he had had it for a while and used it with his own horses (he is also a leather craftsmen). I just recently had an expert in highback saddles take a look at some pictures of it and they believe it is an unmarked 1890 to 1910 HH Heiser. They told me that it was likely made by saddlemaker for Heiser that made the saddle for personal use, and wouldn't had been allowed to place the makers mark on it. Overall the saddle is in excellent shape, although it does need a refleece, restring, and some minor restitching. I've contacted a local saddlemaker about doing this work for me since it currently is beyond my abilities. I've attached a picture of my saddle and wondered if anyone else cand con firm, or give any other information on this saddle it would be greatly appreciated. This saddle is definely a showpiece and is also a parade saddle for me. I welsome any and all comments or questions. Jon