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    Shiny Finish?

    I've used Fiebings Saddle Lac on bracelets, and Ipad cases and have good results, especially if you are using water based finishes. Nice shine and very water resistant.
  2. Nice work ! Im curious as to what the back looks like on the first two and how your straps are in held in. Do you have any pictures?
  3. Hopefully I come home with what I need tomorrow. Thanks again for input, you have been very helpful !
  4. I just wanted a size comparison with the two . I did not know what size machine thread was equal to in thickness as the hand sewing thread I use. This way I can look for machines that take that thickness of thread. I guess the best way would bring some of the stuff I use and match to what they have in the store.
  5. Thanks for all the info you have given me. Very much appreciated. I am going to a local guy down here in Atlanta first and see what he has. . But I will definitely look in the used section as you suggested for that type of machine.also Steve
  6. Between 1k-2k Id like to stay closer to 1K but I know the chances are slim I do have another question that I could not find the answer for with doing an actual comarison. Ive been hand stitching using the typical stitching awl waxed thread from Tandy, Do you know what size this matches in the machine threads. Since this would probably be the thickest I use, I can focus on a machine that handles that size.
  7. Wizcraft , thanks for digging up all that info for me. This is all new to me so It would have taken me forever to find the needle info out. Bob , Thank you also for pointing out the issue about the machine leaving marks. I guess Im back to square one in trying to find a machine that will suit most of my needs. Im going to bring some scrap leather with me this weekend when I go back to look at some other machines. Steve
  8. Wizcrafts, Thank you for your response. This is all very helpful since I am new to sewing machines. You pointed out about the needle size that I did not know about. I thought this machine would be able to take a smaller needle to do lighter work and be a good all around machine. I now see I have been mistaken. Thanks again Steve.
  9. Hi All, Being my first post I would like to say Hello. I have read this forum for over a year and have found it incredibly useful !! I am ready to embark on my first machine purchase and was hoping that someone could give me a Yea or Nea for the machine I am looking at. It is the Consew SK-6. Mainly I will be making holsters and belts , along with dog collars and some maybe some lighter work on leather clutch purses ect. And need to know if this is overkill or suitable for my needs. Any info would be much appreciated and look forward to be posting more on the forum . Thanks so much in advance! Steve Below is a link to some specs but not who I will be purchasing from:) Link to spec's
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