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  1. If you know a firefighter, please share this link with them and help a buddy out... http://www.gofundme.com/5wlanc

    1. FHL FERG

      FHL FERG

      Or if you just want to help a fellow leather junky meet his goal.

  2. Some days you're the "hide pounder" somedays your the "hide"

  3. Playing with my new Power Mallet!

  4. Waiting on pins and needles for my new Power Mallet to arrive!

  5. 11 Saddles stolen from therapy equestrian center in Kaufman Texas. BOLO

    1. LNLeather


      Do you have any pictures of them? We could help keep an eye out for them being sold on the internet... eBay or anyone in the area…. It makes me sooo Mad to hear of things like this – things stolen by those that really need them!

  6. Up in the workshop like a MADMAN. The radio is blasting, the tools are pounding, the dye is flowing, my heart is racing, adrenaline pumping. DAMN it feels good to be alive!

  7. Pounding Hide.....

    1. chancey77



    2. ironhead13


      Are/where we talking about leather...?? ;)

    3. ironhead13


      Are/where we talking about leather...?? ;)

  8. Stuck at work with leather on the brain!

  9. Stoked to go pick up my new to me cobra class 4 in the morning....

  10. Need help deciding on a logo design. Check out my post in the marketing and advertising forum, vote and give me some feedback....

  11. ARRGH.. My stencil moved

  12. I don't think I have touched my workbench in 3-4 months or better. I have go to get out in the garage this weekend and pound some hide....

  13. What do tigers dream of?

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Fredo


      GGetting Charlie Sheen to stop drinking their blood

    3. Glock21
    4. Scary Leatherworks

      Scary Leatherworks

      Halle Berry in her

      Cat Woman suit of course

  14. Good Morning Fellow LeatherNuts

  15. Happy New Beer Everyone!

  16. Hey brother, Saw one of your posts and noticed you were from lubbock. I work for a small department in the suburbs of Dallas, but my cousin retired from Lubbock a few years ago, Freddy Turney. Know him?

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