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  1. Hey everyone please find me at page for the shop hairtriggerranchrodeo i check it everyday this one every few weeks when i remember

  2. Mr kovar is correct i. All but one respect the 136-101 i have sews great for belts real eazy to do straight runs and will sew 6 ounce easy with tri-point needles and i have run 138 thread in it with no problem. But the stiches are short and if there are any turns at all you will be slicing leather rather then stitching it. But for bags wallets and fine belts its great i have 111-155 for my heavy work now thought
  3. Thanks so much guys sorry for the typing only .have internet on the phone so don't always get it right
  4. I figure somw time on theast ohhh 35000 years some one came up with a set of punches for filligreeing. Would anyone out therw k.ow of the manufacturer or where to statt looking Thanks
  5. Ok guys please help the saftey. clutch on a 111 155 is it ok to like pin it or tie it down. What damage could occur and does Ny o.e have a picture of what it should look like specifically the spring. I am repairing a couple.sets of chaps for shines guys on the road and they gotta leave in Mornin. Leather is two layers of 3 oz and one of 6 oz tooling. Runs on Servo motor. The spring broke or flew off and i gotta get it runnin. Thanks For the help
  6. The middle foot the 1 the needle passes through on a 111 155 is it supposed to move. Mine moves left an right when it l touches the material. Is there anything you need t tghten up its breaking needles any ideas to tighten it up
  7. Hey bud i got a 111 recently myself and maybe we can milk the gurus together. I am having a problem with the saftey latch set up on the lower belt cog the spring came off and i dont know what it looks like tried a couple configurations but still aint right. Would anyone mind sending me a picture of this assembley it on underside of machine on outside of belt gear two latches with a hinge that lock into two slots. On a keeper cam or just a photo of the spring it self pleass
  8. Ok guys on the bottom drive belt wheel there is a arm that seems to be activated by a spring wich fell out when I was looking at it. I was sewing a purse and the thread got bound up and the feed dogs stopped moving after I cleared it looking under neath at the Gears and a piece of a spring falls out. Here's the question I'm very mechanicly knoledgeable and have. Rebuilt a post bed and tons of Household machines but never a walking foot. Is thi somthing I cn tackle or is it a shop issue.
  9. after almost a year i finally got the machine i been wanting and hearing about. found a 111-155 on ebay with all accessories and bobbin winder. works perfectly well missing nothing and got it to my door for 285.00. i know machines got a 136-101 and 29 58 and assorted others just wanting to know if there any special.tricks to em ... also if anyone has a full manual and adjusting manual if they would mind sharing a pdf copy. email is hairtriggerranchrode@gmail.com. im just gotta get a motor for it and mount it in my work Table. will a standard commercial cut out do the job also is it recommended to mount.an oiled pan or just pit the gallon of oil a day on by hand I've heard they are a hog for oil with is fine if it does.everything i anticipate. thanks much fellas
  10. Hey bud i got the same machine. and rebuilt it of the manual and diagrams of a 72. as for parts type 29 k into ebay you'll find plenty of new and used. I suggest Mr Kovar as well though for advice and parts you know will be the right ones he ain't lede wrong yet from my landis i dug outta the ground to the post bed i got for Christmas hope it helps just email if ya need any thong i can help with
  11. maybe this is already well known but I did know about it I'm pretty sure others don't either. I've been wrestling with how to take glue and other nasty stuff off of the metallics without removing the metallic finish. and I stumbled across it today. OZARK TRAIL CAMP STOVE FUEL. I'm not sure if its regular pure kerosene but, coleman fuel won't work I tried it and it took the metallic off. I tried it on a few different pieces and colors. No kidding didn't even take a ppiece or color off just the spray adhesive and dirt. I used it straight and with a cotton rag.. I didn't rub very hard and the over spray came right off and camp fuel evaporated right off. Hell of a deal I will be posting a video latef tonight or tommorrow on youtube
  12. Hey there folks awhile back i lost ....or it went.walking the best knife i have used yet and am looking for a replacement. it was green handled sharp pointed trim .knife maybe 4 inches long at blade maybe 8 total. no idea of maker it was grandpas. I've seen em on ebay as part of lots but haven't won then and just need knife. usmc has been maker on ones I've seen. can anyone help me out with those maybe have one they would part with. ot was easy to keep sharp and just right size. thanks
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